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Hi, everyone. And welcome back in the previous video, we have made another view of the ocean types, and in this video we will talk and learn about who actually uses sells it. This list that I have prepared is probably not big enough, since oh, scientists used almost by everyone.
First on the list would be governments and different agencies associated with those governments together Intel for different kinds of purposes
such as counterterrorism, national security, foreign politics, affairs and so on.
And then there is military whose actions are very much based own oh sent results. Actually, intelligence
military is considered the largest consumer off resource is also have to mention private investigators who make a living out of ocean investigations.
Next, our corporations and business in general. They can use Olson to investigate new markets, monitor competitors activities and do all kinds of data leakage fighting but also their customers and clients who use all sent. And
I won't lie to you. I used these techniques on a regular basis for my work.
If I have a potential client or customer, I will probably make a good investigation. Should I even go to business with them,
it is very similar when company cars or does recruiting, and that process could also work in the other direction. If you're looking for a job or you see a job ad,
probably the first thing you are going to do is to investigate that company a little bit. Check their corporate website may be linked in profiles where their clients and are there even relevant in their field and so forth.
One of the users oppose isn't and are often forgotten. Our algorithms A K machines
because algorithms could be designed together and classify information and then publish it as news for public use here. I would like to mention a great example how a machine made a mistake.
The Big Notredame firing Paris, France
People and Different News recorded the fire and uploaded it to YouTube. But YouTube classified that information. It's fake news and did not announce that it through its platform the way it should. After they noticed the ever The incident lasted for about an hour. They immediately fixed the error. But this is the reality
accidents Evers. Mistakes happen, and unfortunately, we'll have to check everything more than twice
back to our list. Next on the list, which I put our penetration testers. Better to say. White hat hackers.
Olson is used extensively by them together intelligence about a specific target online before conducting the attack. The first phase off any penetration testing methodology begins with reconnaissance. In other words, with O sent.
Like we the good guys who use ozone for studies, business pleasures like traveling and all kinds of things, the bad guys also use it like thieves, cameras, stalkers and so on.
The other big group of those end users are journalists. And, as you may notice, for some time now, you could often see him
on television that as a relevant source of information about something is considered. When you get that information from a Twitter or Facebook, and they put that as the official source regarding that, I just want you to think about the fake news phenomena. Sounds interesting, doesn't it?
As I have mentioned before, this list could be a much bigger one. This is just foreign illustration and for you to get familiar who uses or could use innocent
in this video we went through who uses Sosin, and next month we will talk about the open source intelligence cycle, so see you in the next video

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