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Develop stronger cybersecurity skills and drive faster, simpler certification adoption to create a more effective and efficient cybersecurity team

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Unlock Effective Cybersecurity Professional Development: The Big 6 Framework

Many companies provide "online training" but in cybersecurity that's not enough. Effective professional development creates efficient, engaged cybersecurity teams ready to stay ahead of emerging threats, trends and technologies.

Having supported thousands of businesses and more than 4 million cybersecurity professionals around the world, partnering with Cybrary will unlock the insights only available from the largest global provider of cybersecurity certification and skill development.
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Onboard and get new cybersecurity team members up to speed quickly

Scalable, repeatable onboarding programs ensure every new employee has the same foundation of knowledge and skills

Hire for potential and get more out of your junior employees

Create & assign customized career paths aligned to work roles or core skills

68% of professionals say they don't have a well-defined career path -ESG/ISSA

Cybrary maps out and customizes career paths and skill plans based on your specific needs.

Aligning to the NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework? Use our out-of-the-box work role plans, or work with us to customize them to make them uniquely yours.

Enable your team to prepare for more than 40 in-demand security certifications

59% of security professionals are pursuing a security certification, or plan to do so -ISC2

Comprehensive Certification Prep plans offer in-depth course-ware, hands-on labs and a best-in-class practice test software to ensure exams get passed on the first attempt!

Team already certified? Earn CEUs/CPEs on Cybrary to put towards re-certification.

Stay ahead of cybersecurity threats with hands-on technical training covering the latest CVEs and threat actors

80% of security professionals feel inadequately prepared to defend their organization -Ponemon Institute

Our Cybrary Threat Intelligence Team monitor the latest threats and threat actors to create realistic “threat-breaking” simulations.

Map the vulnerabilities, tactics and techniques to industry frameworks and build visualizations to MITRE ATT&CK.

Identify up-and-coming talent and drive up retention of your current cybersecurity workforce

48% of cybersecurity leaders report training helps reduce employee turnover -OMDIA Report, Cybrary

Learning analytics and skill insights will allow you to identify key talent within the organization.

Create new opportunities for your most committed personnel and watch your retention rates soar.

Baseline & Benchmark your team’s skills

Our next-gen assessments will evaluate theory and practical skills and benchmark capabilities across a range of experience, industry and role.

Using the data from the largest global provider of cybersecurity skill development and certification prep, you’ll gain unprecedented insights on your team’s capabilities.

Leading organizations trust Cybrary to help their teams stay ahead of emerging threats

While we’d love to showcase the thousands of organizations we have supported and continue to support in building capable, confident cybersecurity teams, we keep and respect the privacy of those organizations. If you’re curious to learn why Cybrary wins the “Cybersecurity Excellence Awards - Best Cybersecurity Education Provider” year over year, and how we can help your organization, reach out for a consultation.


of security professionals feel inadequately prepared to defend their organization


of security professionals don't believe their organization provides the right training


of professionals claim their organization is impacted by the security skills shortage

cybrary cybersecurity excellence awards

Here’s how Cybrary can help you and your organization


Hands-On technical cybersecurity training AND certification prep for your enterprise

Live sandbox environments ensure learning covers both theory and practical skills aligned around task-based content.

Combined with on-demand certification prep for the industry’s most in-demand exams, Cybrary brings the only holistic solution to for both technical cybersecurity skill development and certification prep.

Alignment to key security frameworks, including MITRE ATT&CK, NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework and DoD 8140

The integration of practical cybersecurity skill training with security frameworks provides a structured approach to the creation of realistic scenarios designed to build real skills.

The equips teams not only with theoretical knowledge but also with actionable skills used by security teams in their day-to-day jobs.

Dedicated Customer Success Team to help you create and implement a training strategy

Implementing a cybersecurity skills strategy is challenging. Our team has worked with the most prominent commercial businesses and government entities to help build, develop and scale theirs.

We take a hands-on approach with your organization to understand and implement your unique needs

Read the latest research: The Myths of Training Cybersecurity Professionals

Cybersecurity training can improve an organization’s defenses, yet common myths make leadership hesitant to implement formal training platforms. New research dispels these myths, helping team leads make the case to prioritize training.

Bonus Perks: Exclusive to Cybrary for Teams

CVE Simulations

Realistic simulations of “threat-breaking” Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures as observed by the Cybrary Threat Intelligence Team. Get hands-on with the CVEs in a safe, browser-based sandbox

Purple Team Exercises

Curious how active threat-actors tactics and techniques come together to exploit organizations? Purple Team Exercises recreate realistic threat campaign simulations observed being used by real threat actors like APT35, Royal, APT41 and more.

Live-online Certification Prep (add-on)

For Teams interested in live-online instructor-led certification prep, Cybrary Live offers an alternative way to fast-track certification prep for your team.

Digital Forensics and Incidence Response (DFIR) Intensive

Deep-dive into practical DFIR practices and procedures using a variety of popular tools, such as Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

Red Team Exercises and Operations (RTXO) Intensive

Red Teams don’t just work to ethically breach an organization or application; they study the TTPs of various adversaries that fit their organization’s threat profile; they get into the mindset of these threat actors and execute emulation plans to find weaknesses in their organization's defenses.

If you want to defend organizations by deploying adversaries' tactics, then Cybrary’s RTXO series is for you.

Cybrary Team Intelligence

Experience Cybrary unlike ever before.

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ROI Dashboard

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Empower Your Team with Framework-Aligned Training Programs

MITRE ATT&CK Framework

Pursue strategic, threat-informed cybersecurity training with exclusive courses created by leading subject-matter experts. Adopt innovative strategies for conducting threat hunts, emulating adversaries, enhancing detections, and performing CTI analysis.

NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework

Empower your team to strengthen organizational security by prioritizing cybersecurity training and professional development. All of Cybrary’s content is aligned to the NICE framework, allowing teams to customize NICE-aligned training paths covering the specific knowledge areas, skills, abilities, and tasks associated with relevant cybersecurity work roles.

See How Cybrary Has Impacted Teams Around the World

Learn how other organizations are using Cybrary to drive meaningful results.

How Cybrary Equips Cybersecurity Analysts to Defend Military Networks Against Modern Threats

Military Cyber Defense
The Cyber Defense Team (CDT) is a global task force of cybersecurity professionals who protect, detect, and respond to attacks on US military networks around the world. Their team of analysts collect and analyze data from various information systems and receive millions of alerts every day. The CDT deploys tools like forensics, malware analysis, incident response, and countermeasure development, and relies on a diverse skill set to adapt to the changing tactics of adversaries.

How PLEXSYS Increased Market Share through Employee Skill Development Case Study

Simulation Software
Continuous skill development is a vital part of training and cybersecurity today. With increased pressure on organizations to meet new guidelines and regulations on security, privacy, and personnel, finding a solution to facilitate growth, development, and retention can be just as difficult. PLEXSYS, a U.S. Federal Government contracted company, wanted a way to train their people with the best options available and provide opportunities for employees to achieve more and feel fulfilled. This case study dives into PLEXSYS’ search for the right training partner and why they ultimately chose Cybrary’s workforce development platform to meet their business needs.

How Cybrary Empowers High Touch Providers with Scalable Rapid Development

Managed Detection and Response
Managed Detection and Response (MDR) providers like this company have felt first hand the talent shortage that is plaguing the cybersecurity industry. Aiming to improve how they detect threats and respond to incidents, they looked to Cybrary as an attainable and scalable way to prepare employees for work in a Security Operations Center (SOC). With clients that depend on this company’s detection and response services, every SOC member must be able to exceed client expectations and perform at the highest level. Learn how this MDRP implemented Cybrary for their teams to be customer-ready in less time.

How Webhelp Streamlined Skill Development To Take Their Team To The Next Level

Technology Services
In order to address their clients’ unique security challenges, Webhelp must move quickly to adapt to emerging trends, threats, and technologies. But with employees on one large account dispersed across 12 countries, they struggled to find a consistent training solution to help their team stay up-to-date.​Webhelp partners with Cybrary to make learning more accessible and to create tailored development plans that align to their client’s objectives. As a result, Webhelp has been able to meet their client’s evolving security training requirements, expand their team’s skill sets, and deliver best-in-class service.