What is Sumo Logic Cloud-Native Machine Data Analytics Service?

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Video Transcription
Hey, everyone, welcome back to the course. So in the last video, we took a look at the introduction to this course. So we talked a little bit about the prerequisites, any documentation that's available at the course as well as my background as your instructor.
In this video, we're to take a brief look to see what the sumo logic cloud Native Machine Data Analytics service is.
So it is a software as a service, or SAS is, as it's more commonly called,
and basically it's an analytics platform that's built upon the cloud. So it's cloud native and this course we're gonna be showing you the AWS cloud version. But there are some other versions for other providers as well.
It's designed to help you make data driven to the decisions. So this is gonna help you reduce the time, for example, to investigate any security issues you might have or any operational types of issues. Right? So for having outages or something, this can help you analyze that data and see what is actually going on.
And with that time, saving it, of course, frees up resources to help you with more important activities.
So what does it offer? What is some of the benefits here? Well, it offers some machine learning driven analytics. It also offers some pre built dashboards that will take a look at when we do some of the demonstration parts. In this course,
it's pretty quick to start. In fact, you can get it started within just a matter of minutes. You can get it up and running and getting data coming into it. And then it also offers ah, support for sock to type two PC idea cess, HIPPA certification, CS Star Certifications and Privacy Shield.
So just a quick quiz question for you and this one's pretty easy. Sumo logic is designed as an I s.
Is that true or false? So is that Is it designed as an infrastructure as a service? Is that true or falls?
Okay, the answer there you're correct is false, right? If you remember, it's a software the services designed is the software as a service.
So in this video, what is took a brief look at the similar logic cloud Native Machine Data Analytics service. In the next video, we're gonna show you how to get signed up for a free trial for this solution.
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