What is Lateral Movement?

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8 hours 29 minutes
Video Transcription
hello and welcome to another application of the minor attack framework discussion
coming up in these next discussions were going to get into lateral movement, which is a phase that follows Discovery. The previous sets of discussions that we had. So you may be asking yourself what is lateral movement within the minor attack framework? Well,
lateral movement is the actions and adversary takes to move through your network or environment. So this is getting to their primary objective often requires exploring the network to find targets
pivoting through multiple systems and the use of custom tools to provide remote access. So depending on the sophistication of the threat actor and what it is that they're trying to achieve and what it is they're trying to get to, they will likely need to continue to move through systems to meet those objectives or goals.
Now, what we will be reviewing specifically will be application deployment software and how that could be used to their advantage exploitation of remote services and S s H hijacking. So with that, I want to thank you for your time today, and I look forward to seeing you again soon.
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