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Hey, everyone, welcome back to the core. So in the last video, we wrapped up case study number two eso again In the case studies, we took a look at number one case study. Was there doing using a kubernetes environment so they didn't want to rely on one cloud provider. So they use UMA Logic to get the visibility into all that communities data.
So we went ahead and install the cloud trail app in that video and then took a look at the data that we were getting back and in the second case, study the video Right before this, we went ahead and took a look at threat intelligence app from crowd strikes. We used that in AWS and we used him a logic to give. Visibilities were able to identify that there were some
malicious actors and Moises i p addresses
and were able to also see inside of that threat until app visibility of what types of attack, right? What type of malware is normally associate ID with that particular I P address
and this video, We're just gonna wrap up the course.
So we talked about in this course we talked about some of the benefits of sumo logic. Why you might want to use it. We also talked through this case studies, as I mentioned, to identify what types of organizations or what kind of scenarios might devolution be used.
And then we also went ahead. And it's a basic demo of the Suma Logic dashboard.
So where do you go from here? Well, if you're interested in more cloud related stuff, if you're still a kind of that beginner level, I do recommend that you take the AWS Club practitioner course is gonna give you some fundamental understanding of AWS Aziz. Well, a Xeni of the basic is your courses on the site. So
again, you're just really trying to build that fundamental knowledge. If you're more advanced than you don't need to take those necessarily.
But you'll just go ahead and look more into sumo logic because it is a valuable solution that you can use.
So as always, I want to thank you for taking this course, and I will see in the next one

Sumo Logic Cloud-Native Machine Data Analytics Service Fundamentals

This course will teach students about Sumo Logic’s Cloud-Native Machine Data Analytics service that can be found in AWS Marketplace. Students will also learn navigation inside of the Sumo Logic dashboard and how to analyze the collected data.

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