SSH Into a Vagrant Box

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Video Transcription
Hello. My name is Jasmine Jackson. And in this video I will show you a demo on how to use secure shell to gain access to our vagrant machine. So let's get started.
The learning objectives for this video are learning how to connect to our vagrant machine using Ssh. So let's start with the demo.
Looking at our virtual ization software again, I'm using for 12 box You will see that are vagrant machine is running
and remember the command to start. Our vagrant machine is favorite up
So now that our machine is running, I'm going to enter the command vagrant
And as you can see, we're now in our vagrant machine And the way we can tell this is because on the command line, we see vagrant at vagrant because remember, the user name and password are both vagrant. And we see our vagrant machine name bamboo to trustee 64.
So now we are in our vagrant machine. And as I said in our lecture with Secure Shell,
if you are one of the people that are command line gurus are command line images.
Secure shell will be perfect for you because as you can see, You can do everything on the command line and you would not
have to interact with the gooey or in this case, are virtualized ation software of virtual box. And remember gooey stands for graphical user interface.
So, as you can see here, after entering the command vagrant ssh! We are in our vagrant machine and the command prompt. As you can see, it's pretty simple to gain
to create a secure show. All we had to do which is entered the command vagrant. Ssh! So let's go back to our lecture. So in summary in this video, we learn how to connect
to our vagrant machine using secure show with a quick demo. And again, the command to create a secure show with vagrant is vagrant. Ssh! And in our next video,
we will have another demo of showing now that we have a secure show
how to actually install software on our vagrant machine. And the software we're going to install is an Apache. Http server so I can't wait to see you in that lecture. You have a good day. Bye.
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