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1 hour 14 minutes
Video Transcription
Hey, everyone, Welcome to the session Hijacking course. My name is Ken Underhill. I'll be your instructor for this course. In this video, we're gonna take a brief introduction to the course. We'll also take a look at the prerequisites we'll talk about my background is your instructor as well as any supplementary material that's gonna be available for this particular course.
So, prerequisites, you just need to have a basic understanding of computers. So just navigating operating systems, understanding file systems, how under operating systems work as well. Some basic computer networking will be helpful and also understanding a client server relationship, especially when we talk about Web servers.
This course is intended for anyone that's interested in the offensive security side of the house. So things like penetration, testing and specifically it can be beneficial for individuals that are studying for common industry certifications. So things like you're sort of unethical hacker. Your comp t a pen test plus O S c. P g pen, etcetera.
So who am I? What my neighbors can underline. The master instructor is Sai Buri. I hold a graduate degree in cybersecurity information assurance. I also hold the EEC Council sort of find ethical hacker and computer hacking forensic investigators certifications. I'm also an agent professor of digital forensics, and I've been teaching online courses for several years now,
so this course is going to include a step by step lab guys. We're gonna do a hands on lab in this course, you will need access to the cyber lab environments and just make sure you have that access to fall along with the hands on. You can also set up your own session hijacking lab, but we don't cover that in this particular course. And so you'll have that as a downloadable resource to follow along step by step as
your own at your own pace. So if you feel that I go to faster, slow in the lab section,
feel free to use posit video and go through the step by step guide to help you go through the lab properly.
And finally, this course is gonna be structured with some power point presentations. So we've got it here in the introduction as well as the next lecture where we talk about the basics of session hijacking and then in our lab, that's gonna be a hands on labs. So you need to follow along with that. And then we wrap up with another slide deck Where we just talk about the conclusion is kind of rapid the course from there.
So in this video, we talked about the prerequisites for this course. We also talked about the over our core structure of my background. Is your instructor in the next videos that mentioned, we're gonna be talking about session hijacking at a basic level.
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