Performing Incident Response in a Windows Environment Lab

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9 hours 54 minutes
Video Transcription
everyone welcome back to the course. So in the last video, we took a look at our performing an initial attack analysis lab. If you have not completed that lab yet, be sure to pause this video. Go back to that lab and completed. And again you can find the step by step guide for that lab. In the resource is section of this course
in this video we're just going to talk about our last lap of this course where we perform incident response in a Windows environment.
So basically, for this particular lab, what you're going to be doing is you're going to be analyzing a infected or at least suspected to be infected Windows machine.
You're gonna analyze and take a look at who the administrators are in the administrator groups as well as you're going to take a look at a malicious file and you're gonna upload that file to virus total among some other things to analyze that particular file.
Now, this lab, just like the others, you could find a step by step lab guide. Inside the resource is section of the course. One particular thing I want to stress is as you go through this lab on the right side here. Be sure to navigate through this menu and always check these boxes after you complete each step.
So this way you can get full credit for the lab once complete. So again, you want to make sure you're checking these boxes As you go through that and for this particular lab, you'll notice that the navigation bar the percentage completed is gonna be here. Excuse me. Not here. The top. But you notice there's not a navigation bar to show you that it's being completed.
But just be sure to check these boxes as you go through the lab. So once you're done with the lab,
you can give full credit for completing this particular lab.
So again you could find the step by step Lab guide in the resource is section of this course, and the other important thing to remember is to mark each step complete after you've gone through this particular step by step guide.
So in the next video were to take a look at Control number 20 which is the last CS control, and that's around penetration test and Red team exercises
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