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Welcome back to Printing Security Intermediate Course. In this lesson, I am going to talk about the differences between PCL five pc of five year and PCL six. And what are the specifics of characteristics of PCL six.
So, first of all, you remember if you remember that there was evolution and the HB has created PCL five introduced it with the less jet 4000 printer, and it was a big step because BCL five was very powerful video.
Um, and they if we're listening to the previous lesson PCL five uses escape sequences, commands. So, um, basically, a PCL five print file is text file
now PCL six have moved away from that and moved away from the practice that has existed before in a tree that every PCL new pre shell that create is downward compatible with
previous old previous version. It's basically a subset off all previous Peace deals.
PCL six
uh is not following that logic and eso PCL five print file can be easily edited in text editor, But PCL six is whole new language It has built being built from the ground up. It's more structured, more powerful, but it is
pro PCL six print file is a binary file. It's much harder to edit. You need
essentially toe, have a tool to edit it on, and PCL six is built around with those Do I and therefore PCL six drivers. They exist only in Windows, so you don't have Lennox Special six Driver
or MECO. As PCL sings driver, those things don't exist.
So in essence,
PCL six
is Ah ah, binary cold language. And unlike PCL five, it's not in public domain, so it's still a proprietary ah, intellectual property of HB, although people have been doing reverse engineering on PCL six.
But I end
pretty much every printing wonder had on their network laser or injured printers. They have also PCL six Interpreter.
I'm sorry, part sir, but it's not the one being done by HB, so they have just done the reverse engineering and made it work in the same way. Sometimes that means that they have added something that PCL six doesn't have an original H P's PCL six
or they are missing some things or they haven't done it in the same way.
What is important about PCL six it is much more difficult to manually create print file, which means that
in order to do some malicious things with the printer,
you need much more knowledge
and the same way with the PCL. Five. It's not interpreted, so it's not full programming language. It cannot Excerpts access some things like,
Um story journal device or something like that, and it's parsed in the printer, so it's not not interpreted like like post repurchased programming language.
So let's do a short telling check. A question is which PD L is in. Public domain is a PCL five. Visit PCL six Or is it both?
Any of you have been listening? What I was saying, like a minute to go. It's PCL five PCL six is a proprietary i p off HBP.
So in this video you have learned what are differences in specifics of PCL five PCL 16 compared to PC five
and also you have seen, ah, a little bit about hacking using PCL six, meaning that it's much more difficult than with PC or five in next lesson and going to talk about postscript pd l

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