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This brief lesson introduces participants to the agenda of this module which will cover: Definition, Sample Code and Case study Demos: IDOR w/ files, IDOR with URLs, both show mitigation with tokenization Mitigations, countermeasures and defenses Lab and lab solutions

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Hello and welcome to the cyber very secure coding course my name Miss anywhere. And this is a loss top 10 for 2013 a four
insecure direct object reference now for our agenda. We are, of course, going to go through our definition for insecure, direct object reference. We're also going to take a look at some of the attacks that are possible when this flaw is present.
We'll also look at a case study
and then we'll have two demos, one that shows indirect object reference in regards to working with files
and then another in regards to working with you R l's. Now I will show token ization as a mitigation for both of these. In the demo,
we're gonna follow that up with our defense is countermeasures in mitigation section and then wrap up the module with our lab in lab solution.

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