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Welcome to the module number four, which is called Tools and Techniques for Emphasis Basics.
I mentioned basic because we will not go in depth off every tool and technique that we will talk about just a little disclaimer there. This is probably the most fun part of the course there. A plethora of those and tools techniques available out there some which are free and others can cost a pretty penny.
While it is outside the scope of this course to cover every single since tool,
we will cover just a few of the most popular wants that you may find useful for your investigations. First, you will learn about search engines because that is the first stopping many investigation.
You will go to Google and other search engines out there, which we will talk about Then. There are social networks, which are a great source off information, since people usually do not care for privacy settings of their social laps. And that's why we have tools available, like Bruce Lee mentioned Tweet pap from only site.
After that, Google mental tools and techniques regarding e mails and user names and immediately after death we will dive into a few great resource is off leaks and data breaches, which are publicly available.
I have saved the technical part for last in this module, and there I will show you with what tools you will be able to learn about your target system in more detail.
In this video, we made a quick overview off module number four, and in the next one we will cover search engines and their usage in the awesome context. Just before we begin our first lesson of this module, I would like to share Cool Saif act with you because I think it is relevant to the topic for going to discuss in this module
more than 50% off all Google Web traffic is coming from smartphones and tablets.
It's good to have that in mind when you are doing your investigations, maybe pave it to a mobile framework. Think about it

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