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2 hours 11 minutes
Video Transcription
All right. Welcome back to module to missed 853. We're gonna spend a little time understanding the controls and actually working with them and getting to know how, having actually function and what's available.
So the first lesson 2.1 over do over you, the module. Just understand what we're gonna be doing in this lesson.
So for we're gonna look again, they're spending more time actually looking at the control families. We've talked about them, but I'm gonna go in a little more depth and explain some of them on again. Look at the actual anatomy of the control breakdown. The portions of its You understand where to look, how to read it so that you can look at any of the controls. I don't need somebody to explain every one of them to you.
And we'll talk about selecting the controls from the baseline and go in a little bit more in depth in the common system hybrid controls I mentioned before. But you actually understand what those mean
Another topic kind of talked about. But is the defined variable that NIST provided to say, Here's here's your chance to actually Taylor the control
and then we're gonna start getting closer to the data's. We're look at a security plan how you document that controls the implementation of them,
how the controls are assessed, and then taking that any risks to the plan of action and milestones or the poem there's we're gonna see the full life cycle of a vulnerability or weakness to risk.
So with in this lesson, you're gonna learn howto list the control families, differentiate the parts of the controls,
interpret common system hybrid controls, explain organization to find variables, map weaknesses and actually, we'll develop a couple poem items or show you what it looks like, how you would document a risk.
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