Malware: Worms

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Video Transcription
Hey, everyone, welcome back to the course. So in this video, we're just gonna go over a brief introduction to computer worms so we'll talk about what computer worms actually are. Well, it's also talk about the difference between viruses and worms.
So what is a worm? Well, essentially, it is a malicious program, and it replicates and execute itself. A key thing here that differs from a virus is it spreads itself
across the network or across a variety of networks. And that's a key thing that again, that you want to know for the EEC Council certified ethical hacker examination. If you decide to take it after taking this course, worms are designed to not only replicate themselves and infect, but also to consume. Resource is,
and so an attacker might use a worm payload to try to do things like installing backdoors and infected computers and basically trying to use those those target machines that they've infected to create things like botnets and then from there, use those who carry out additional attacks. So things like your details attacks.
So let's just do kind of a side by side comparison, just kind of a high level between viruses and worms. So the virus and needs some kind of host, right? So it needs that host file. Whereas the worm doesn't necessarily need a host file to infect the virus will do things like deleting or modifying files on that target. So on that host machine,
whereas the worms focus is to try to consume those resource is right. So
on the host machine, it's consuming the CPU and memory, basically the bandwidth of the device. Usually a an individual might notice they've got a worm infection or some kind of issue because consuming all that bandwidth sometimes with a virus, maybe they don't know there's infection.
The key here again is that the virus requires that user action. The worm basically spreads itself, and it spreads a lot faster, usually, that a virus will spread. So just a quick, quick question here, which one of these infectious system by exploiting a vulnerability in the application or the operating system? Is that a virus or a worm?
All right, so if you guessed worm, you are correct. So in this video, we just talked about what a worm actually is, and we also talked about the key differences between a worm and a virus
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