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8 hours 10 minutes
Video Transcription
Hi, I'm Matthew Clark, and this is less than 1.1 introduction to I o T. Products. Security.
In this lesson, we will review the course Prerequisites.
You will learn a little bit about me, and I will discuss the target audience.
Finally, we will review the course syllabus. So let's get started.
This course is going to take a holistic view of i o T Security from the inside out.
This course one struck the learn on how to set up an I. O. T. Product security program.
Therefore, the learner will need a solid understanding of security engineering concepts,
including technical details of knowledge. Well, deep dive into chip sets. We'll look at developing a proper root of trust and will also discuss the proper security architectures to sign.
The learner will also need an understanding of security management concepts, such as building new programs like vulnerability disclosure programs and discussing how the enterprise handles reports from security researchers.
The learner will also need to understand common security programs and elements that could be reused, such as risk management patch management.
Finally, the learner will need the understanding of business leadership principles, including soft skills as well as some experience in navigating organizational politics,
the need leadership in business acumen
on the ability to lead through influence, not by title alone. I think these three points encapsulate really the main focus areas for someone leading a product security program for a business or organization.
If you're looking for certifications to compare this knowledge with, I would say that any learner familiar with the following certification should be okay. The C S S p the schism R C C so or the C. S S p I S S m p or see risk.
So a little information about me.
I currently lead the global security efforts for large multinational manufacturing company, which operates in over 30 countries
as part of our product line. We designed, manufactured, sell, consumer and industrial coyote products.
As a disclaimer, the opinions expressed this course of my own and not out of my employer.
I do have over 20 years of experience in the manufacturing sector. My first position was to help secure a Good year facility for y two k, which was the ultimate fear, uncertainty and doubt event.
Enjoy looking at for security issues in everyday life, like the physical security concerns that this beautiful city in Italy pursed precariously over the water, or failures like the security camera where the cables have been cut, left to dangle in the air.
My contact information is here, including my email address linked in information and my Twitter handle. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. If you like the content, please feel free to endorse me. On. Linked in
this course is intended for students who need to understand how to set up a product security program to ensure I o. T devices or manufactured securely.
If your CTO a C so our product security manager. This is most likely information that will benefit you.
The course is designed provide you with the basic coyote security knowledge
and introduce you to concepts that you'll need to consider when setting up a product security program of your home.
It's also intended for students that need to use the program itself,
but you don't need to be in the manufacturing sector to get value out of the course. If your product engineer developing new products, you'll find this information helpful. If you're an application developer writing firmware for constrained devices. You'll find this information helpful
her for your security manager who tasked to secure I, O. T. And the Enterprise. You'll find this information helpful as well.
So this course builds an understanding of the complex Siris of decisions that go into Iot to product security, such as secure by design principles and developing proper roots of trust.
So if you're interested in learning about I t. Security, of course, to provide you with that understanding, and it'll start from the bottom and work. It's all the way up
through device concept through to production, through provisioning to secure operation and eventual decommission of the I 02 device.
This course is going to dive deeper than an ordinary i ot security quote class.
It's impossible to cover everything in a single class, but we're going to give it a good shot. We're going to approach this particular class as if we work for an I O. T. Device. Oh, am. That's an original equipment manufacturer,
a company that designs, manufactures and sells I O T products.
So the module one, we're gonna go through course introductions. That's where we are right now. The module to we'll take a look at products security programs
and three, we will go through secure about design principles
and for we're going to discuss this concept of hardware root of trust
and in Module five will go through secure development and six secure build, ship and operate principles.
And in Module seven, we'll take a look at privacy.
So our course materials include the Silva's case studies and reference material.
Now the silver's we just covered
in case studies are news headlines and stories that are current are currently the last several years, and I've selected those and kind of embedded those in each one of those lessons are in many of the lessons, not each one. But these will help reinforce the learning that is going on and kind of take
book knowledge and try to apply it to real day everyday life.
And the references are very important, and they serve really two purposes, the first one that is an instructor. I've pulled material from individuals who are much more knowledgeable or much more expert in very specific areas, and I've taken their knowledge and and used its supplement material that we're presenting to you,
and so we will make sure that we give credit
proper credit for their work and their ideas and so forth. And so
I created ah rather broad reference list for you. That includes those expert opinions. And knowledge is well, as additional information, Um, that is out there That could help you is the learner.
So we wanna make sure that we give proper credit where credit is due for two individuals, and I'll call those into many of those individuals out by name and point them out their material out in the reference for you
Onda. Also, it's a good opportunity for you as a learner to continue learning outside of the material that I present here in the class itself. So I recommend these references to you and encourage you Thio, seek him out and go and keep
keep learning and continue your learning and development. As
as a lifelong student
Green, we completed the first lesson. So what did we do?
We discussed the prerequisites for success. I introduced myself and you introduce yourself. When we talked about the target audience,
we reviewed the syllabus together and finally we discussed the course materials.
So we have completed the introduction.
We will continue through the course. Silva's with module one until we get all the way through the module seven and you received your certificate of completion,
so I'll see you in the next lesson.
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