Introduction to Protecting Data

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Video Transcription
Hello there. Welcome to protecting data. My name is Alberto Garcia, and I will be guiding you through this process.
You're here. You will learn some concepts on how to protect your information.
Concert such as data encryption, cryptology, cryptography and crypt analyses are key. Will a stirring data protection
in this video? We learn the definition off data. What is their encryption on why it is important as well as the finishing off date and transit versus data addressed.
Okay, but what is data?
According to the dictionary and some bibliography, Dana, if any set off characters that is gathered untranslated for some purpose youthfully for analysis, it can be any character, including text numbers, big church, found or video.
If data is not putting the context,
it doesn't do anything to a human or computer with your computer stores. Data is a collection off numbers represented US buys that are composed off ***
that can have the value one or zero
Data is processed by the CPU, which uses logical operations to producing data as output from source data, or you put
therein creature translate data into another form or code so that only people with access to a secret key or password can read it
encrypted data. It's commonly referred to US cipher text while on in Crete. ER data is called plain text,
currently increasing list one of the most popular and effective their security matters used by organizations to main tights off their encryption. Insist
asymmetric encryption are so known as public key encryption on Simon took encryption, which really starting in the following media's. The purpose off their encryption is to protect the little data. Confidentiality us. It is a stored on computer. Sisters undressed. Meet it
using the Internet or other computer networks.
The outdated they're increasing standards. The E S has been replaced by modern creation algorithms that play a critical role in the security off 80 systems and communications.
DC algorithms provide confidentiality on Dr Key security, initially including authentication integrity on North repudiation.
Authentication allows for the verification off a moustache Origin on Intel really provide proof that a message contents have not changed since it was sent.
Additionally, no repudiation ensures that a message sender can know the night sending the message
data in transit or data emotion is data actively moving from one location to another. So chef across the Internet or to a private network.
Data protection in transit is the protection off this data while it is traveling from network to network or being transferred for a local stories device to a cloud storage device. Whatever data is moving, effective data protection measures for in transit data
are critical. AF Dana is often considered less secure, while emotion
data at rest is data that is not actively moving from device to device or network to network, such as data stored on a hard drive, laptop flash tries or archives in some other way. Data protection addressed a
to secure, inactive data stored on any device or network
while they are at rest. If sometimes considered Toby less vulnerable than data in transit, Attackers often find data at rest. Ah, more valuable target done data. Emotion
the Ricks profiled for their in transit or data at rest depends on the security measures that are in place to secure data in either state protecting sensitive data both in transit unaddressed, even Perry for mortar enterprises.
As Attackers find increasingly innovative ways,
compromise sisters on steal data
data come exposed risks both in transit on addressed a requires rotation in both states are such there are multiple, different approaches to protecting data in transit on addressed
encryption plays a major role in data protection on it's a popular tool for securing data, both in transit At rest
for protecting data in transit, enterprises often choose to increase sensitive data prior to moving it on or used encrypted connections to protect the contents off data in transit
for protecting data at rest. Enterprises consume plea and creep sensitive files prior to storing, then or they can choose toe. In Crete, the story's tries itself
unprotected data with every transit or addressed leave enterprise is vulnerable to attacks. But there are effective security measures that offer rebirth their protection across and points on networks to protect data in goes or states.
In a recent encryption, best practices for reversed their protection for their entrance. It on day at rest include implementing reversed. There were security controls to help protect their entrance IT
network Security solutions like Fire waas on Edward Fiscal Troll will have secured the networks used duff meet data against men where attacks Orin Trust US
don't rely on reactive security to protect valuable data. Instead, practice security measures can identify our risks. Data on implement effective reputation or data in transit on arrest. Choosing data protection solutions
with policies that enable user prompting
looking or or American creep shin for sensitive data in transit. Social as well. Files are attached to an email message or move to close. Torres Vimal Drive or transfers elsewhere,
creating policies for systematically cut ever rising and classifying old data no matter where it resides. In order to assure that the appropriate data protection measures are applied. What data reminds addressed on triggered
when data classified us at risk
is access youth or transferred
while they're in transit on day, Not rest may have sightly the front Reese pra fais The Henry's changes primarily on the sensitivity on value off the data
Attackers were tend to gain access to valuable data, whether it is emotion at rest or actually in use,
depending on which state is easiest to reach. That is why a proactive approach, including classifying on categorizing data coupled with content you sir on contacts are worse. Security protocols is the safest and most effective way
to protect the most sensitive data in every state.
Okay, who's a quick question for you
with what name is known data that is not actively moving from device to device or network to network. So just they're stored on a hard drive.
Is it a data in transit? Or be they are emotional. Or maybe see they addressed or d data flowing.
If you said see you're correct,
A aren't to be referred to data in transit, which is the opposite to what the question asks
in this video. Wheeler. The concept off data on the different type off this we have identified that we need to use the forensically re methods to protect this information, depending on the state's off the data.
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