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2 hours 27 minutes
Video Transcription
hello and welcome to intermediate important security course.
In this course you will. I will teach you about reasons why endpoint security is more important than ever. How to design effective endpoint security for your company
and the basic suffer company level PC fleet management. So also, I will talk about things like least privilege approach, which is very good the way to make sure that your corporate endpoints are safe and secure.
As for prerequisites for this course, you should know some basics about PC architecture. Er you should also know things about the endpoint security. And I strongly suggest to look at ah or to listen to endpoint security from the month with scores that I have ah design here in cyber.
And also you should know about basics about how the PC fleet in the company on then peace endpoint devices in general are managed inside the company. So what are the ways to do it and the tools for doing it?
My name is Milan Chatichai, mighty security consultant. I have 25 years of experience in 19 various positions. I was pre sales. I was I t journalist for nine years and then past nine years, I have been specializing United Security to a certain level.
I'm privately very interested in fine wines and fine cooking,
which I'm very, very capable home chef.
If you need to contact me about some things, technical things in terms off content of this course, you can contact me under under email below.
This course is designed for anybody who is looking to learn more about endpoint security. But it is mainly focused on 90 professionals. I t managers, um,
and I t security special specialists who are not specialized in endpoint security and want to learn more about it.
And the end. Of course it the I T security managers and I souls because they need to at least be aware of why this topic is so important.
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