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Video Transcription
hi and welcome to everyday digital forensics. I'm your host just then you said. And in today's Monjo of mobile forensics, where don't be discussing Imaging and Andrew Device.
So in Saint Video, we're gonna talk about the Andretti Bum Bridge, your 80 b
talk about the image in process with your 80 B tool.
Some initial labs set up, and some resource is
what were the prerequisites of using of forensics tool for a mobile device.
First of all, most unique physical access. The device With that, you need to know the access and security codes to that device in order to get logical access it devotes.
Ah, lot of the forensics tools may require the device be rooted, so this must be taken into consideration, especially if you're gonna be executing a unique show and running commands on the device.
Any proper cables to connect the device to the workstation. If you're using Windows Machine or any other workstation that requires drivers and plug, it's ensure that your drivers and Bogans a role to date and insults for the workstation and the software to be able to not only connect but also to communicate to the device
so you have your Andrey Debug Bridge, also known as your 80 Beetle. This is a command line tool for facilitating very
for facilitating a verity off device. Actions such as the insulation
ends a bugging APS, but mostly for communicating and running commands to the attach
and your device.
I'll grant you access to the unit show within your device to run various comments,
and you're 80 80. B Tool is kind of broken down into three components. You have your client, you ever demon, and you have your server. Your server manages the communication between the client and their demon.
The demon runs a man's on the device
kind of runs in the background as a background process,
and your client sends the commands. This is like your command line or terminal that you type of your command. Fix sense. The server will see that.
Take that information from the client and pass it over to the demon, and the demon within your mobile device will execute the commands. You could look into more information on the TV tool using the documentation provided by Android under their 80 b command line options
for the imaging process. First, you have to have your device fruited.
A tool that could be used for this is king route. To ensure the communication and connectivity for device
you use the DDT command to can initiate where your default location for your system business
download installed the busy box using the unique show on the mobile device
You're connected device and verify that you have root access.
Mount the partition on the vice
on your friends and workstation. You're gonna open up your eight TC people are so that Celia even tunnel your android image over to the workstation so you'll start the imaging process. You seen your DD command calling over to specific user data or the device itself and pipe that data using that cap
over to the Port 88
our own forensic workstation. You run that cap at your local host to that particular workstation at any of the data that's brought in, you'll save it as a dot D D file. So in an initial lab set up,
you first have to have a TBI installed and configured on the workstation. So the workstation that you're gonna be run the plants that seems to be installed and figured
if applicable your device drivers for that android devices to be installed
on the Andrew Device
Android developer options have to be enabled. You can go online and search for this
depending on your operating system. You may need device drivers insult for the android device
at the bottom of your screen. You can see that
there's three separate types of USB drivers,
depending on the manufacturer of your device. So your ghoul, your kindle fire and just any other type has has different USB drivers that can be used with the A T V tool
on the under device. The developer options have to be enables. You could do a quick, cool search for this, but depending on the version, typically your own society ins. You go into system information and you click on system model. If I'm not mistaken five times on developer options is enabled
from that, you can go ahead and enable USB debugging
from that, you can go ahead and enable the USB debug mode. This will help you connect with 80 B on the workstation. Make sure that the king or root dot a PK and the busy box that AP care both download and available in the workstation for after the connectivity.
So I hope you enjoyed City is very short video.
In this video, we went over the Android Debunk Bridge to a TV tool. Talk about the imaging process with a TV
talked about the initial lab set up that's required some of your prove records. It's from the device and the workstation,
and some of the resource is that you can use to perform this
love yourself.
So I hope you enjoyed today's video and I'll catch on the next one.
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