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Video Transcription
Hey, everyone, welcome to this fundamental vulnerability management course. My name is Ken Underhill. I'll be your instructor for this course
in this video. We're gonna talk about some of the prerequisites for this particular course. Also give a high level overview of how this course is gonna be structured and I'll introduce my selfish your instructor in case you're not familiar with who I am.
So the really aren't any prerequisites for this course is really targeted towards more of an entry level person or even individuals that don't necessarily work in security. But they're just kind of curious about some of the terminology they've been hearing around like vulnerabilities and stuff online.
Um, it is helpful to have an i. T. Or security background, but again not required to take this particular course.
So who demised your instructor? What? My name is Ken Underhill. I'm the master instructor is Sai Buri. I hold a graduate degree in cybersecurity and information assurance. Hold a couple of industry Certs. So the EEC Council started find ethical hacker and the computer hacking forensic investigator Last year In 2019 I won the SC Media's Reboot Leadership award for outstanding Educator
and ah, fun fact about me that many people probably don't know is actually practice
tactical ninjutsu. Which is why you see the picture of the ninja there on the screen.
And no, that's not me in the uniform.
So, as I mentioned before, the target audience is really just kind of entry level individuals or people that are just trying to get a basic understanding of
vulnerabilities and some of the terminology surrounding them.
So this course is gonna be predominantly hands on. So here in module One, we kind of got this introduction video to the course. We've also got a couple of intro videos. They're gonna be slides to teach you some of the basic information about vulnerabilities, the vulnerability, management lifecycle, things like that,
Uh and then we're gonna move into hands on lap, so module two is all about hands on labs. Now, with that
some of the labs, I will walk you through step by step, and then other labs you'll be provided instructions for, but you'll have to do those on your own. And with those particular labs that I don't give you a walk through on, I'll just give you a high level overview of what to expect in that particular lab as you go through it.
And then finally, will this wrap up on module three will do a wrap up video. And then one thing I want to note is at the end of this course, there'll be an assessment for vulnerability assessment. So feel free to take that and see how you do.
So this course is gonna have several materials. I mentioned the labs and with that there, step by step lab guides so you can download those from the resource section of the course. And then you also notice the syllabus as well as some study guys glossaries that sort of stuff that'll be added in in the resource areas. Well, so just go to the resource tab and you should be able to download everything from there.
So in this video, we just talk briefly about the prerequisites for the course again. There aren't any hard requirements for this course. It is recommended toe have some general i. T. Or security knowledge just to be familiar with some of the terminology we might be saying in this course but is not required. This course really is for entry level individuals
and just to give you a kind of a feel of vulnerabilities, get you some hands on practice
so you can better understand when someone's telling you. Hey, we should patch your computer. We should update your software, your computer. You'll have a better understanding of why we want to do that.
We also talked about myself. Is your instructors who introduced myself now in the next video, we're going to talk a little bit about what vulnerabilities are.
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