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Video Transcription
Hello. Welcome to end user repeat and security Course.
Uh, this course you will be able tow learn about VPN. What is re p in? What is, uh,
it used for
then the pros and cons of fusing, weepy and so whether it's good size, they are there any bedsides?
Also, you will be able to learn how we pian is working. So the basics off VPN functionality. And in the end, I'm going to focus a little about commercially available weepy ends and not just how to use them, but also how to choose one.
Yes, this is beginner level course. There are no special prerequisites. You should know basics of PC networking. So essentially, what the I p addresses, maybe but be ranges,
then toe have basic knowledge of PC usage in terms off setting operating system, using Internet
and to have some basic idea on busy security. So just to know some some elementary stuff,
nothing special.
Um, as for myself, my name is Milton traded share. I'm independent security consultant, and I have been 90 professional for 25 years. I worked in HP for 15 years and I have nine years of experience that connected to I t. Security in different roles.
So who is this course for? So basically anybody who wants to learn something about the privacy and security while online and heard something about 3 p.m. And wants to improve their knowledge of how to use VPN to improve their security and privacy.
Also, this courses might be very interesting for small business owners and managers in small and medium companies. If you are working in larger companies, there is probably somebody 90 already taking care of these things. But if you're in medium or especially small companies and you're managing something,
you should know about VPN because this is very useful toe for
your employees, especially when they're working away from the office. If they are working away from the office.
So this model, you will have, ah, five. Then this course you will have five modules of the 1st 1 and this one is introduction. Then I'm going to talk about what is VPN in model Preah about how we pian works
and in more before I'm going to talk about personal weeping and so how to choose when and how to use one.
Any model five. I'm going just to recap a bit. Our course,
all the course materials you will find the resource is tab of the course. And essentially what you have is a study guide, glossary, references. And of course, except for these videos, you will have this version of this presentation.
So this is the end of this introduction. And in next video you will be able tow see about history of VPN because the next video you we will be starting
with the first, the module to which is called about this we peer.
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