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Hello there. Welcome to protecting data. My name is Alberto Garcia, and I will be guiding you through this process. Their protection is the process off faith gardening Porter. Information from corruption compromise or lost
the importance of data protection increases as the amount off data created on stored continues to grow our exceptional rates.
There is also a little tolerance for downtime that can make it impossible to access important information,
data protection and compasses. Ah, host off technology business processes on best practices. As some experts agree, a breach off sensitive or proprietary data can have costly legal financial on public relation consequences. For a company
due to constantly changing security threats, protecting a company's valuable data from their bridge can be extremely challenging.
Protecting systems on data can be a difficult task, but Lisa is more important.
Data protection is highly relevant among businesses, especially in the ground. In digital marketplace. Their protection is viewed to include their privacy and security. It involves the collection on youth off data on its accessory lady for various users. Within the organizational network,
we have a started that their encryption is an important fisher for protecting data at rest on in transit.
Different techniques must be used for different expects off data protection. For example, security storage infrastructure is necessary to assure that data is not altered or maliciously destroyed
to protect against in a Burton data loss or permanent corruption. A solid backup, a strategy with supplementary technology if needed.
Backup has traditionally been the key to an effective data protection strategy. With these data was pretty quick opiate toe, a tape drive or a tape library where you will see it until something with wrong with the primary data storage. That's when the backup data will be accessed
and used to restore lost or damaged data.
Backups are no longer a standalone function. Instead, they're being combined with other data protection functions to say the storage on Lao were costs. Let's analyze some off these more mortar fissures.
Beats Loker Drive. Encryption is a data protection feature our little for the Willows Beast operating systems on higher versions there integrates with operating system on addresses, the treads off data theft or exposure for lost, stolen or inappropriately the commission Computers
bit Loker and create the ex Trife under contents will in Crete. It unauthorized users cannot see the files even if the computer had been stolen or the hard disk was taken with Locker. Also works on removal stories drive in order to access on in Crete. The drive
you think most authenticate or looking
Windows also used the trusted platform model to determine if any of the computer start a process have been altered.
The TPM is a microchip added to the machine to provide security functions mainly focused on encryption off data by leveraging bulls. Beat Loker on T P N Data's looked until the right credentials are passed to the machine.
In addition to logging or password
appeal or startup, key can be used to prevent unauthorized access to the data on the drive.
The principal off least privilege is a security strategy applicable to different areas, which is based on the idea off on Lee granting those permissions that are necessary for the performance off a certain activity.
Organizations should minimize a minister these privileges on on. Lee used a minister if accounts when they are needed.
Automated tools should be used to lease all administrative accounts on validate that its user that has a minister the privileges is authorized by a senior executive. All administrative passwords should be complex, including numbers letters on a special characters
without dictionary wars in the passwords. All default passwords should be changed before deploying any new devices in the network system. And, of course, passwords in storage should be encrypted or hashed.
Speaking off privileges on permissions Active directory is accomplished. Directory service that started I said, I'm a Manager or Windows. But since 2008 Active Directory has performed a number of critical directories. Authentication on identity of a service is,
you know, the worst
active directory determines what each user can do on the network. Microsoft has built products that integrate with the active territory Service is to improve network security. Each object in active directory has unassociated security. The scripture.
This this Scripture defines the information's on that object.
All these attributes comprise the permission said, or access control least permissions in active directory, our privileges granted to use hers or groups to perform certain operations on objects users on groups are assigned permissions to read
right, create Chuy's on others over objects such as five or folders.
When the matter off data deletion is considered, it is important to know how the data is deleted.
We can do this by clearing
in here. The data on the media is eradicated before reusing the media on at the same time, providing an acceptable level of protection for the data that was in the media before it was cleared
for sanitization on a SEC. Double level off rotation to the pre use data is not provided. Social type of information is usually released for use at a lower classifications level.
The data masculinity leak in both. Removing all the identifiable, indistinguishable characteristics from the data in order to make it on animals on still be operable.
No, here's a question for you.
Which one is a security strategy applicable to different areas, which is based on the idea off only Grand Tindall's permissions that are necessary for the performers off a certain activity
if it a day and correction,
or be bit Loker drive encryption or maybe see principal off lease privilege
or the data deletion
if you fitzy do it right,
I said many studies privileges should be minimized. I'm only used a Mr Difficulty when they are needed
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