Cryptography Part 1

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Hello there. Welcome to protecting data. My name is Alberto Garcia, and I will be guiding you through this process.
We know that photography indeed onwards over ST core areas that protect the user under data from attend theft, death or unauthorized youth off the data on possible fraud.
Terrific overs authentication in daily on coffee, a fatality.
But what is cryptography?
If we want to define cryptography, we need to take a look at this structure, as we can see. First, we need to analyze what cryptology is.
Cryptology is the mathematics socials, number, theory and application of formulas on algorithms that underpin cryptography and crypt analysis.
The term cryptology is derived from the great Kryptos, which means here in our love us, which means work security obtains from legitimate users being able to transform information using a secret key. Or Keith.
They're so to Cypher. Although generally
inscrutable, I'm not foreseeable without the secret key can be decrypted by anyone knowing the key, either to recover the hitter information or told to indicate the source.
Secrecy, though, still is an important function in cryptology. It's often no longer the main corpus off using transformation under certain transformation. Maybe only loosely considered a cipher.
Tora fee from the Greek Kryptos on Griffin, which means to write what's originally the story off the principles under niks by which information could be concealed in ciphers on lane reveals by legitimate users employing the secret key.
It now encompasses the whole area off key control transformation off information into forests that are either impossible or computational. E invisible for unauthorized persons to duplicate or under
critter analyses from the Greek kryptos on anally, which means to loosen or tone tie. Is the science on art off recovering or fortune critic Graphically secure information without no less off the key Crypto Nitti is often
I mistakenly considered
a signal in off cryptography and occasionally for correct analysis. But specialists in the field half four years adopted the convention. That cryptology is the more inclusive term, encompassing both cryptography on chrysalis
because much of the terminology off cryptology dates to a time when written messages where the only things being secured the source information is referred to us. The plain text off noted before
the secret information known only to the legitimate users, is the key
on the transformation off the plain text under the control of the key into a cipher, also called cipher text is referred to US encryption,
the inverse operation by which a legitimate receiver recourse the concealed information from the cipher. Using the key is known as the Christian the most frequently confused. Our misuse terms in the lexicon off cryptology are cold. Pfeiffer
cold, if you believe rule
for replacing a piece of information with another object, but no necessarily off the same sort. Morse code with replaces alphanumeric characters with Paris off doors on dashes is a familiar example.
Probably the most widely known cold in use today is the American standard code for information to change or asking. Pfeiffer, as in the case off holds, also replaced a piece of information with another object. The difference.
It's not. The replacement is made according to our rules, defined by a secret key
known only to the sender on legitimate receiver, in the expectation that our insider, ignorant off the key will not be able to invert the replacement. So the creep decipher
Tora fi come be referred to
as a set off. The Greeks used to secure communication in the presence off malicious, still very content any private messages can be hearing from the public or a little party. You think the fed off protocols
algorithms for photography are designed in such a way that they're hard to crack
in practice by any malicious to party,
a practical approach toe work rattle. Such an algorithm will fail. However, the theoretical approach made possible cracks or sisters those any algorithm can decided our secure if his key properties cannot be deduced without in cipher text.
The encryption process involved transforming the data into another form known a cipher text, whereas original data Toby encrypted. If known, US plain text cryptography can be categorized into two branches symmetric on asymmetric
with the symmetric approach. A single key is used for the encryption. Under Christian Process hands the sender receiver to have a shared key
because in symmetric encryption, the horn on only key is used for the crip shin. It must be kept secret.
The problem in our isis
how we send a key to the receiver off for information without being discovered.
One option is to send it down another secure channel separate from the data.
Send it out off bands who be thrown over the phone.
However, with this approach. Dissolution of the Key Wasa Week look, which give rise to adopt a different approach
in a asymmetric version of cryptography Sender. Receiver half to kiss public Private Ah, private key is kept secret, whereas the bullet key is exposed to the outer world.
Any set off data, which isn't created with a public key, can only be decrypted. You think? Correspondent Private Key,
Then Crypto Key is called the bullet key
us. It can be used by anyone. We simply creeps information that is to be sent to the holder off the private key
on Lee. The private key can be used to the creeps information and create it with the public key.
The private key is generated by the real off the data on their computer or secure device. Like in a smart cart,
it never leave their computer or device.
When it comes to comparison, the symmetric approach is faster than the asymmetric one.
For example, legal signatures use asymmetric cryptography to create messages in harshest instead off a complete message.
Well, we'll see more on these in the four we medias,
you hear we have an example, or the popular mailbox analogy.
Unlike symmetrical photography. Public key cryptography uses two different keys. Take the analogy off a locked mailbox. The male books is a supposed inaccessible toe. Anyone through a publicly available address
putting mail in the mailbox is analogous to encrypted with a public key.
Anyone knowing the address off the male boss can put a mess us into the books.
Getting made out of mayor books is analogous to the cretin with the private key.
Only the person who possesses the key to the mailbox can open it. I read the message.
Okay, who's that quick question for you?
We stand is derived from the Great Kryptos, which means hidden on logos, which means world on covers, the mathematics socialist number theory on the application off formulas and algorithms.
Do you think is a cryptography
or be cryptology
or C creaked analysis? Or maybe de crypt a system.
If you said B, you're correct.
Has cryptography means he's in writing on the term crypt? Analysis comes from the Greek scriptures on an early which means to loosen or don't I
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