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Video Transcription
Welcome back
in the last video, we did a quick overview off this third module, and in this lesson, some of the things you will learn is what kind of computer and operating system you need, which which in fertilization software, you should use what we began to choose and why.
How to choose a safe Internet browser or, even better, how to make your browser
First, the idea on which we need to focus is a clean computer or a host. This computer can be a desktop or a laptop machine, which is dedicated just for doing Postant investigations. Maybe it's a little too much to buy a new computer every time you do a new investigation or to do a fresh install of your machine.
But there is a great an elegant way to do this efficiently
by using VMS ah, virtual machine on that sits on top off your host. I recommend doing the virtualization with a great free program called Virtual Box. Ah, great feature of using virtual machines is the use of snapshots.
These snapshots are literally saved moments in time off your virtual machine state, and you can revert to original configuration or set up you saved at any time.
This is great for doing all kinds off testing and in the end, great for your those investigations.
Next would be to choose an operating system for your all sent investigations. If you are a Windows user and you never worked or used Lennox, I would say Use Windows also, if you were. If you are a Mac off user and I worked on any other operating systems, then I would say Use a Mac OS.
But I would like to mention and you have probably heard of it.
Ah, great operating system, which you can and probably will use for euros and investigations that it's called the Cali Lennox. And you should really get familiar with it, since it is the facto the standard of the cybersecurity community.
Also, I would like to mention besides virtualization with Lennox, you have a possibility to use it as a USB booted operating system. Ah, live distribution, but with the persistent option on so you could save some work in it.
Cala Lennox is mostly used by penetration testers because of its built in security tools, but those built in tools that they use are also involved in your work. The fact remains that the first step in any engagement is relearning Maura about your target.
Next, I have to put a great emphasis on using a virtual private network or VPN. In my opinion, every oh sent investigator should possess one when used correctly, a VP in masks your identity online and thus protecting your privacy. You're maybe already using a VPN
if you're working for, ah, large corporation, so you understand the concept behind it.
But I would never recommend to use that kind of connection. For your chosen to work. I would recommend on purchasing a dedicated VPN subscription,
and if you are now thinking well, there are free solutions. You would be right. But from my experience, free solutions do not work well. They either have limited functionalities or are too slow. I personally use VPN, f Secure Freedom or the Proton VPN. At this moment, I am very satisfied with the spa
beats and the thing that they respect user privacy and also enforce are no locks policy.
Each of them mentioned VPN providers allow you to connect to your choice off dozens of servers worldwide. That would mean when you need to appear that you are from London, you choose London or, if you need to appear that you are coming from the U. S. East Coast,
you choose East Coast in European software.
Lastly, I would like to mention Web browsers. I believe that any Ozment researcher should avoid inbuilt operating systems browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge or these or this safari browser from Apple. And the main reason is privacy or lack of privacy.
That's why I recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, but with constant is ations. That includes modifying many configuration settings inside the browser and using all kinds off different Adams and extensions. I recommend Googling oh sent browser hardening
for further studies and, if you're interested in tow, a different approach
on searching the Internet, Google Brave browser and try that browser. In this video, we went over on creating a secure computer environment for your basic or sent investigations, which includes choosing a computer operating system. We talked about fertilization using a VPN
what to do with the choosing off on Internet browser,
and in the next video we will cover the note taking part off euros and investigations. So see you there
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