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Video Transcription
Welcome back to the county. A Project Los P. K 0004 This is your instructor burly Larry.
In this lesson, we are going to learn about the different individuals are involved in a project, whether they are directly part off the development of the project or indirectly asked wanting to be recipients off the results.
It's always look into these items.
First, we're gonna learn a wise who is a stakeholder, the important off participation of the project sponsor and what is a project manager and what are its key attributes.
So who is a stakeholder? Stakeholder is any individual that has a vested interest in the results or the process off a project?
Let's say that you are building
of the mo lap.
Anyone that is a user of the APP
is a stakeholder,
but also the ecosystem, android or apple that you're gonna be a lunch in. The APP Under is also a stakeholder.
Also, the developers, in a way, our state holder, whoever is going to be funding the project if they say holder so stakeholders have different appearances. They have different points. They have different influences in different ways that they interact with the project
therefore stakeholders, anyone that could be directly or indirectly affected by the project or its results.
In the example that we have here on screen, we have mentioned the sponsor customers and please managers, community groups, business partners, the government suppliers, others Let's look at the key stakeholders that take part off any project
before we're going to that. Let's discuss briefly to say, Holder influence
the betting on the state holder to say Holder will hold more or less influence in terms off how the positions are made, as well as their interest that they have in the decisions are made. So there's on stakeholder matrix. And with this matrix, you need to, um,
classify your different stakeholders
and see how the project and the process of execution affects them or benefits him.
This is very important for us well, because it will help you
continue or receiving their support. Or you will have to negotiate and decide how you can meet their needs as well as you can continue with the problem.
So the influence is based on different areas. For example, the Nissan Expectations, how they feel about the project, something a little subjective, but he's never less important.
Then put that their definition of success and, finally, how the personalities and politics work sometimes. And we've seen this very often stakeholders they just proposed because whoever is in favor is not other lackey.
But let's hope we never home bump into something like that. And if not, they will have to use some negotiation skills.
So sponsor is our primary stakeholders.
The sponsor is that initiator and primary supporter off project emissions might be the person that comes to you. The idea might be the person that you go to with the idea, and he says yes, let's do it
The sponsors also called the champion off the project.
He represents the project in forefront off the business leaders. Or maybe he has an influence that is off a lot of weight when it comes to the business decisions and is very helpful in that way.
Sponsors. They need to be engaged continuously in terms of reporting on progress, so they know exactly that the initiative that they are protecting is yielding, and his progressive results provided results as intended.
The responsibility off the sponsors to define the business case help you clarify that provide the financial support and the human resources support. Help me find it approved high level requirements.
I asked the bridge between the project management
side and the business management side of the company and finally provide support. Asked. Need it?
Another off state holder is the manager of the project man who's the individual that is in charge of integrating all the components off the project,
having the cost, the school and the time and
delivering the results asked intended. So it's like juggling. If you remember last session when we were mentioned, the the triple constrains that we will be facing
the project management is like that juggler trying to balance steams around.
We also have some attributes of their specific to a personal manager.
First is leadership the ability to motivate and keep continuity Amo mental in the project and the staff members and also encouraged to motivate performance
communication because he needs to continue to communicate down the rants and file members as well as, ah, higher UPS
decision making. No, everything is laid out.
Some decisions have to be made on the spot, sometimes are difficult decisions. Sometimes they're challenging decisions, so there have they have to be skilled in decision making
ability to negotiate, as we mentioned earlier, is definitely to define a middle line between the different state holders or the different challenges that may come across during the development of the execution of the project.
And as we said before, also skilled in budgeting and scheduling, which is part of the key constrains that any protests,
other stakeholders are customers, the customers, other missy pins non necessarily that consumers. But the recipients off the product, they could be the ones expecting that application to marketing. They could be the ones expecting the new development. Thio put it out
and start selling it.
So these are the individuals that are being ball in the receiving and pushing forward off the results off the project. They could be both in terrible next term.
Also, we have the team members. Obviously no project can execute That's wrong with people. So the team members are the experts that are under the project manager that execute and before the work off for the product,
there will be responsible the different areas, depending on their abilities
and different activities as well, and they will be also reporting back to the project manager or reporting back to the functional manager according to the structure that we were under.
Also, we have suppliers vendors, even though they are not directly involved in results. We sound, Ah continues in flows off wrong problem raw material for you to manufacture something maybe you'll end up with over running scared.
So suppliers and vendors they have to be on board with your project
as otherwise, the amount of time, the cost or the scope of the project will go out of control.
They could also be part of a project in terms of expertise and provide feedback and inputs regarding some of the initiatives on not necessarily just selling in terms, off technology or in terms off experience.
Finally, we have the end user. The end user is the primary consumer and benefits from the project results. They may or may not be aware on involved in the project. So for them, many is. They're expecting the next generation off mole technology,
but they don't know exactly how it works.
They just know it's got coming. So in this way they could either set the excitement off. Or maybe, you know,
drawing down
finally to complete this section. What have we learned? We have learned who is stakeholders are. How are they define the key roles of the project sponsor, and one makes a project manager, project manager and its key attributes.
Thank you so much and see you back in our next
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