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Video Transcription
Welcome back to Cyber Oasis. Of course I'm your instructor, Brad Roads. Let's talk about CSS P concentrations.
So this video is probably little shorter than others. Eyes going to cover specifically CSS be concentrations of what they are, why they are and and a little bit about them. And they were gonna talk specifically about why you would want to pursue the ESOP concentration.
So there are three CSS be certified information systems security, professional concentrations
on their listed here you have the ice app, which is the audit one. You have the S um, which is management, and then you have the ESOP, which is engineering. So each one of those has a little bit different flavor on DSO. When I see two created the concentrations right, they were looking at all the different
professional certifications out there. There's a lot
related to these fields and they said man, there isn't any that are necessarily specifically focused on information security on on cybersecurity. Ah great example of that is is up three information systems security management. Professional concentration right is akin to
the project management professional that you would get from the institute, the Project Management Institute, PM I
that's a p M I. I hold I'm a PMP. I hold that certificate certificate. It's a great It's a great,
uh, learning experience to get that one.
However, column it is. It is definitely focused on General project Management, not information systems security, and so isn't provides that focus there.
Issa has kind of a direct competitors. Its's the ice, aka, says a certified information security auditor certificate. So that one's got a pier, if you will. That works really well on the
It's subsided the house, the engineering side of house that there is, of course, in cozies set of professional certifications on
systems engineering. But those air general top level systems engineering and they don't get into the meat and potatoes of information systems, security, engineering. Thus, we have accept. And so each one of these concentrations and I know folks that hold all three of them, are great demonstrations of subject matter expertise in an area of whether it's audit management,
engineering focused
on information systems security.
So why the heck would you get the sip
Theis of concentration? Well, many people get it for advancement. They want toe move along in their jobs, and this shows that they have the requisite knowledge to be a more senior person in an organization which is awesome
in in this case here. I took, uh, s up myself to get some specialized skills. I really wanted to delve back into the systems engineering side of the house. That is something that I have, sort of sort of wave top dabbled in and out of throughout my career, and I really thought it was timeto
show that I do have some knowledge in that area. So show that subject matter, expertise, knowledge.
Ah, lot of times you find ESOPs supporting government systems and a zai stated, uh,
he sees started out really in the in the U. S. Federal government, but they have since expanded because of the complexity of systems today.
And then, of course, you have support of industry system. So there's a lot of organizations now out there in industry that are growing, have a growing need for systems engineering support that is specifically focused on the information, security and cyber security spaces, because, frankly, we build incredibly complex systems. Your smartphone, for example,
is a systems engineering marvel and and we'll do several examples throughout the course of those types of things where you did, you might not think of your smartphone is having toe
go through a systems engineering process. But it absolutely did, because your smartphone is made up of multiple pieces and parts and multiple things that make it work. And it didn't just come together by magic. It wasn't just software developers writing something. It was systems engineers driving the train to put those things together. And so that's where it sees come in on the information security side of the house.
in this lesson, we covered a CSB concentrations. What they are kind of where they came from. And we talked about why you should consider pursuing the ESOP concentration.
We'll see you next time.
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