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1 hour 52 minutes
Video Transcription
and here we are in module five in our one and only lesson for it, where we're just going to take a quick course summary of what we've learned.
So in this course, we learned all about storage accounts. We took a look at storage account management where we created and configured our storage accounts and are different services inside them, like containers, tables, cues and file shares.
We then took a look at how we can secure our storage counts and other topics like our container access levels. Using encryption keys are shared access, signatures and network security.
And we finished up with how we can work with our storage account data where we use utilities like Storage Explorer and Ese copy to get data into our storage account services or if we needed to work with large amounts of data, we can use something like the import Export Service where we actually copy our data to hard drives,
send them to the Azure Data center, and Microsoft uploads it for you.
I really hope you enjoyed watching this course. Please leave any feedback and go on, write it for me. Be really interested. Note. This is going to help you get started with azure and using your storage count services really appreciate the time. Thanks for watching, and we'll see you in the next course.