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2 hours 39 minutes
Video Transcription
hello and welcome to acid security. Course through this course is going to be about which types of assets exist in a company
and more importantly, which kind of has it's actually need
involvement off the security.
Then I'm going to talk about each of these assets and how to protect them.
And then I'm going to pay more attention at the end to people and the procedures involved in asset protection. So I'm going to talk about who is going to what, what kind of functions or positions in the company are involved in asset protection and what are their responsibilities, how they operate.
Then I'm going to talk about tasks that need to be performed in order to achieve as its security. So I'm going to talk about two approaches. One is a function oriented, the other is task oriented, and in the end, I'm going toe emphasize the differences between them
as it protection in a small company
and in or medium, company and in large companies.
When it comes to knowledge needed for this course, you should have a basic knowledge of fighting network architecture, er and essentially, the architecture off systems in a company
so how things work. What is the role of server, but is the networking? But what's the networking equipment doing?
What's the pieces? Ah, role there and how do you protect Know how to protect them? How do you make them function?
And it is recommended but not necessary, that you listen to other courses mind courses of here on Cyber Re, which are regarding endpoint security and email security, which is one of the things that is important for
the the acid security in general,
especially when it comes to data security. As far as I'm concerned, my name is Milan heritage. I'm going to be instructor for this course Azaz. For my credentials. Go. I have some 25 years years of experience in i. T.
I have the 90 journalists fried nine years, and I'm also nine years in 90 Security.
In my private life, I like to cook and drink a good glass of wine. So if you have any questions regarding this course, which are just about the topics in this course and that its content please contact me on the mail below. If it's the regarding logistics than please contacts, every team
and in the end Before we start, I'm just going to say about who's this course for. So if you're interested in acid security for any reason, if you're right, the professional or you just working in big company or a small company or medium company and you're interested in assented protection or Europe job is touching these things,
then you should definitely listen to this course.
Also, if your physical security professional and your job is having some some intersections with the I. D. S it security, then you should definitely listen to this course. And finally, if you're a manager than this is something that you should definitely
listen to because it's important for your role, because you're
probably going to be making some decisions regarding asset security that, uh, you should know some details about so thank you, Andi. Let's start with the course
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