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Video Transcription
it's happening, everyone. This curse is getting turn in. But don't worry. We'll still have a couple more videos to go through.
So as we browse the closure of cyber credit intelligence, I'm going to emphasize the ideas and concepts that I want you to take about. Cyber Credit Intelligence at the end.
This is introduction to Cyber Tracked Intelligence. Episode 21
Conclusions Key takeaways. So let's not waste any more time.
We began these curves by introducing the premise that cyber threat intelligence helps everyone in cyber security,
enabling teams to anticipate threats, respond to attacks faster and make better decisions on how to reduce risk.
Throughout this curse, we inspected how safe secret intelligence can be applied to numerous facets of an organization security strategy.
Although the application for cyber threat intelligence very significantly from a strategically from a strategic too highly technical there two key themes that apply to all firstly intelligence provides critical insight into the real reform organization faces. Secondly,
true intelligence can streamline how teams work
to make better use of valuable human resources.
one of the main things is a focus on relevant risk. It is accepted wisdom that there is no such thing as being 100% secure.
This highlights the importance of relevance when it comes to identify and on responding to threats. The more confident you can be, the intelligence in your hands is directly relevant to the security of your enterprise. The more effective you will be at actually reducing the risk that those threats percent
making the best use of the highly skilled individuals. That company that comprise your security teams is also critical for mounting an effective defence. Integrated cyber threat Intelligence is proven to help security teams event. If I threats earlier
and resold incidents faster,
whether you are just kicking off your cyber threat Intelligence initiative or you are many cares into your strategy
efficiently. Reducing risk is the ultimate goal off any organization
besides technique, The technical aspects that lay around the Saber Credit Intelligence Union are very important. Item to consider is the effectiveness and efficiency improvement off all teams in teams like sock an incident response. The time is always against them and providing results
either partial or full Ethan everyday job.
And not only that, whichever is the response, critical business areas may be affected and example that we were discussing. In a previous episode, we talked about how important detecting a false positive ese
if in any case ah, possible threat is detector, some companies will like to cut the communication between the infection on a possible common and control server. But in order to do that, a total disconnection is proposed. This means that any servers service that is being provided in the affected infrastructure
needs to be a line
for as long as the containment takes. I know this is a critical measure, but when the extent of the compromises unknown taking precautionary measures is scheme now, imagine taking down the whole business for a given time. I will trying to contain the incident.
It is discovered that we were talking about a false positive the whole time.
This could cause the organization even more than what the possible trend could have done.
Another important subject that has been disgusted, long discursive, is third. Party support or service is wealthier. Party cyber threat intelligence can be inviolable. It doesn't help an organization improve its security unless it can be correlated against data collected within an organization.
Some of that internally collected data will be little data. But internal intelligence is more than just love data. It also involves understanding the processes off other groups within the organization. At the end,
we can highlight the key elements off our cyber threat intelligence provider that should be review according to the following criteria.
They should be able to do hands on assessment and to check how did they manage it?
You should check this strength and weaknesses off this provider
you should review The Beast is like categorization. Let's remember that one of the most important aspect, it's business objectives.
Also, the techniques, tactics and procedures provider
as a part of the off their threat. Dad, if it's,
you should check how they're poor Tilly's and its ease of use. The automation of that asserts, is that they use and the integration with other sources, especially the ones that are going to be used in the organization.
These are to be considered the most relevant items needed to assess and determine if the cyber threat intelligence provider will meet the organization needs.
Another important conclusion that you can get from this curse is to choose to that defeat wisely.
There's a lot to consider when determining the rights. I retreat until your fates for the program.
Much of these comes down to what do you want to get out of your program and what feats provides the most value.
In order to resolve that, you should answer questions like, What do you want to get out of your sight with credit intelligence program?
Are you able to handle the Frida defeats where you have to clean it up and filtered yourself?
And can you afford to have paid benefits with digestive data that you can almost immediately use?
You can choose free feeds or paid wins. The free ones might work for you, but be prepared for them to be behind the pay words, plus not for profit fits. Sometimes don't get updated for months at a time, so they need to be checked consistently and it may leave holes behind.
Feeds on the under. On the other side can be great, but know what you're getting for your money and have a sense of what you really need for your guidance station. At first, you may be presented with a mix and match kind of options, and you want to add everything to your cart on at the end, noticing you have $120
que dollars per year payment
for just one threat. Fifth on. Let's face it, your organization may not want to support you on that purchase.
Whoa! In the next video of the clash of these conclusions muzzle, we're going to review the conclusion according to each one of the teams that most of the time have the most interaction with the Cyber Threat Intelligence unit.
And that's it for this video. Just two more of these to go, guys. See you later.
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