8.1 Defining Network Infrastructure and Network Security Part 1 - MTAN

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I like to work in your back to Cy Berries Empty. A 98 3 66 network and Fundamentals Certification Prep course.
Again, this is Modern Army eight. In fact, this is the last martyr in this certification prep course,
this particular model of folks upon defining network infrastructure and network security.
So let's take a look at objectives for this course instruction. And in fact, we have only one objective.
Understanding concepts of Internet, Internet and exterminate.
Now, to complete the network and picture, we can't help but look at the security for safe example. Your network. Therefore, we had to start by discussing or thinking about all the different types of threats out there and obviously the threats that we're discussing up becoming much more sophisticated.
Of course, if you begin discussion, you can't help but mention that most organization or realize that most organization, in fact, are connected in that. Therefore, every network out there it's open to some form of attack or intrusion.
The next part of this presentation will focus on the different types of networks, including the Internet, Internet and GM. XYZ was excellence, since most organizational connect in that their net provides a platform to connect to your organizational network from anywhere you are in the world.
Therefore, you you can't help but realize there are some benefits of utilizing be peons or
virtual private networks. When you can let your network turning that particularly, we're gonna be communicating, you know, make sure they information somehow protect it from what we call best be described as a man in the middle attack. So that brings us to our first pre assessment course it for this particular course, I'm instruction,
which VP and technology is the most common and the easiest to sit up. Is it a p p, p t p, p t p
or that b l to tp we're Opry SEC or that C S STP or C H A P.
If you like that, eh? That's absolutely correct.
Basically, when you think about again, this we call a point a point. Tunneling protocol is the most commonly used protocol, but it's also less secure. Option
P p p p. Teepee Journal includes security mechanism and no additional suffer parks need to be obviously loaded.
So again we come to the end that we realized that the Internet is the most unsecure infrastructure. In fact, no one owns the Internet, although you may have some individuals that they do. In fact, nobody even marks off owns, and they're not even Google.
The Internet is a global, white again area network that connects computer system across the world and includes several high band with deadlines that, comprising in that backbone these lines that connected major innit, hubs that describe it out of the other locations, such again as servers
or you're in its service providers.
Then we have the worldwide well, which again, most would think of it as the Internet is all the Web pages, pictures, videos and other outline content that can be assessed via a Web browser. The Internet, in contrast, is the underlying network connection that allows us to send email and access the World Wide Web.
The earlier where was a collective text based sites hosted by organization that were technically gifted enough to set up a Web server and learned hypertext markup type language?
However, nowadays again, when you look at that currently the worldwide weapons, the state's known as WEP 2.0
Web 2.0, is that interacted type Web experience compared to the previous version of 1.0.
Now the World Wide Web is enormous. Systems are interconnected, hypertext documents that can be access with a Web browser. When you think about an Internet on the hand, it's a private network or a single website that an organization implements in order to share data
would employs around the world
again. Enter means we think, in terms that means within
the next. Adam is called the Internet.
Now, obviously again before more to the Internet want I wanna mention again by the Internet here you use authentic. It's unnecessary before you can actually access the information in the Internet. Obviously you able, for example, a lot of owners allow you to be the access. For example, if you worked for a local minister Palley
for like like I work for you able to actually go from aware brother, they'd be able to access the Internet.
But again, you had to be given permission.
So when we told by Excellent, on the other hand,
it's similar to an Internet, except that it's extended to use outside that company and positive entire organization that are separate from or lateral to the company.
Obviously use it in case of Stuart necessary and the excellent and not open to the general public
here. What we see now is an Internet in an excellent not a diff between the Internet and an excellent. The Internet is a network where employees can create content. They can communicate, they can collaborate that can get stuff done and develop the calmness culture.
An excellent on the hand is like the Internet, but it also provides control. Access to authorize customers.
Your vendors, your partner, the others outside the organization and for many were such as Internet and excellent can cause a fair amount of confusion. It can be difficult to different eight between it, too expensive for those who have never used them in the past.
Now we have a VP. Remember, the Internet is on unsecure infrastructure. Then we need to have a way to be able security, be able to communicate and other words that need to have a way to try to mitigate the possibility of a man middle tax tense, the term VP and virtual private network. In other words, a VPN virtual allow you to create a secure connection
to another network over the Internet, which is which is an unsecure infrastructure.
VPs could be used to access regional restricted website. It shows your brows activity from prying eyes on the public, WiFi and Maur. These days, VP ends are really popular, but not for the reason they originally created the original. With just a way to connect businesses,
network together security over the Internet or allow the access business network
from home, VPN is essentially again
for all your network traffic to the network, which is whether it benefits are like access and local network resource remotely and bypassing in that censorship all come from most operating system have integrated what we call VP and supports what in s and what it does is ah, VP increase a virtual eternal
and as a result of that butcher turn out through an unsecure infrastructure
being a busy being, our Internet
were able still to communicate and mitigate the possible of man in middle attacks. In other words,
and I still looking at DPS
now we have died there Some papa VP and protocols out there we're gonna discuss, for example, you have virtual private. You have what we call peopie. We call a point the point Tunneling Protocol, or P P. T. P, which is a common use VP and protocol, which is less secure than l to tp with i p sec.
We also have l to tp with happy ***, which again
requires a computer.
Also, mutual authenticate themselves to each other. The computers computer indicates take place before he uses is authenticated.
His example of a VP internal here
Now virtual private network technology is based on the idea of tunneling for an Internet based VP, and packages and one of several BP and protocols are encapsulated with them. What we call an Internet protocol.
VP and Protocol also also support authentication encryption to keep the tunnel secure
here we're looking at point a point Tunneling protocol
again, it's, I think, method for Implement Virtual private network. P P P T. P has many well known security issues.
Ah, PPS sit. It's a set of communication rules that govern secure implementation off virtual private networks
again after the using PPP is a lot of a large organization. Descriptive office can create what we call a local other words, a large local area network, essentially a VPN by using the infrastructure of a wide area. Networks like the network of a public Internet service provider, or telecom
Now again PP. Works within a point a point
again, which is also used for dial up connection.
Again, it's looking at Happy Hill to TP Will I be sick?
Opposites gaining popularity
VPN device or service allows incoming l to P l to TP connection must have inbound port off 17 01 Open here again. It's next. Greens are sure that's how are we able to go by the prices, actually, again create a virtual VP into connection
the next life again. It's so step by step one, you click on it on the content, a search bar
or again, or the button on the taskbar on tight VPN Step to you. The top two choices be changed. Virtual private network. Alternately, you can open the setting app and go the network and in it and then go to VPN.
Here again, Step three. At the very top of the VPN screen and the setting, you can click the dialogue says at VP in connection.
A step forward to screen that appears entered a detail for your VP in connection on the VP and provided Click on the top, the drop down menu and select winners built in this. Also, it's changed. This will also change the VP and type two automatic
here against that four in the screen that appears in the details for your VPN connection again, this kind of walk you through the price is actually
connecting to your VP in connection. This raises to a port A what we call the post assessment Courson. What port does air to tp use it in a
Is it B
isn't C or D?
If you collect, maybe you're absolutely correct.
L t T P is considered the most secure solution compared to pee pee teepee Because I p sec is acquiring most L to TP implementation, a VPN device of service service that allows incoming l to tp connection must have inbound Port of 17 1
And the next president will continue on with defining network infrastructure in network security. Part two
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