3.6 IoT Common Devices Architecture

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Video Transcription
Hello, everybody. And welcome to the security episode number 11.
I don't t common device Architectural. My name is Alejandro Pena, and I'll be your instructor for today's session.
The learning objectives were this module is to understand and be able to identify the main components
off a standard I am T architecture.
Well, uh,
this is the basic architecture where we have, you know, our devices, which within sensors and, you know, smart things as we can call it, which could be cameras be. You know, you're smart. Watch your locked up your tablet. Whatever. Um,
a small thing,
uh, it will contain the sensor, and the sensor will communicate to the outside, meaning that it will be word wired or wireless.
We can use w pen, remember, wireless personal area network or double Len,
which is, you know, the same. Just worthless. And we'll have internet, which you know, is a word.
Uh, then we have or get ways which remember that these are some kind of translators, because at the end of these right here, uh,
they ah, operate, you know, in
have you met, But is there where they use the A B s particles,
which you know, based on for application, presentation and session. Uh, like,
let's see them Q T t
the s Ah,
you know, uh uh, you know, Z the
all these are, you know, like, human, readable, if you can, you know, you would like to call it by that particle. So they have to go to down into the Aussie marvel the stack, and they have to be
irritable, like other machines. In this case, they will be. They will have to travel the internet, so they have to go to to get away, which, you know, it's some kind of translator. And then they go to the cloud to the Internet to, you know, whatever that will make the money because, you know, at the end, you will
for chase something you will
on. I'll buy something. You will get something. You will, uh, give some information away. Wherever you're doing. Something is making money
in the process.
And then at the end, you know, since you travel the cloud or the internet, then the communication can commit. Hold central in that you can communicate with other devices. Devices, For example, your French, your stove, your outsmart. Often you're just my relax. Whatever. This is more in your home.
It will communicate hard, centrally, meaning that again you can control
from one device to another May Maybe you can tune under to be from yours, my watch or your phone, or you can, you know, turn the lights on enough
again from Jos Mara. Watch. Just This is just an example. And the communication can be Burt because, well, I mean that you can communicate from the smart watch or just smart device to the server. Maybe the sugar is collecting some information. Merger health. Or is, um,
you're downloading the latest Our firm were to upgrade your dirt and off your device.
So this is the basic, uh, coyote infrastructure. But let's dive into, you know, a deeper level on the sensor or this month thing, which is right here. What's inside of these devices?
Well, the attic device is divided in this section stream in sections. First, we have the sensor,
the sensor interface and the P m. You, which is, you know, stands for forward management unit.
So these two you know, this is where you interact with your small device. Maybe here can smartwatch or your phone or whatever that you're interacting to. And, of course, the energy. Our power management unit. Now at the end, the sensor just, you know, munchers collects the data at the end of the day.
Um, the power management units richest individual devices, components, You know, enough,
You know, be the power cord if you like. Then we have the host processor, which is not some kind of brain of the device. This is where all that, you know, things happen. Whether you want to go. Do you want to Just like the time when you want to know
your heart bit? You want to know? How much did you run last night? You want to know
everything on your device? This is where the magic happens, the house processor. And then we have three main components, which is the memory, you know, working memory and storage memory. You know, flash
served the data and the locations that needed to So your device can run successfully All that as you want him to run
on the Cuba explain. Well, pretty basic being two phrases you can deal with
and the connectivity at the end. This is where all the previous protocols we saw happened, you know, with their wife. Five wireless, Bluetooth Internet wire,
Uh, miracles. This what the activity happens, and then you go to the Internet, um,
or do other divisive. Remember, the communication can be hard, subtle meaning from one device to another, or vertical meaning from one device to server or one device to their get away or to the cloud itself.
What does P M knew? It stands for in the India T context? Well, is powered management unit basically the part of the device that searches on enough the device?
Mention a list. Three basic components inside everybody's Well, we convention, all of them. The sensors, which you know monitors and collects the data. The Power Management Unit, the host processor, which is the brain of the advice, the memory, you know, both in use and at rest.
They hold the attention's needed to show you shouldn't device can run
uh, the keeper of the displayed justice, the man machine interface
and the conductivity wife. I wanted less blew through Whatever connectivity duty you're using, this is where they can activity happens
and what those w pants stands for.
Well, this is well this personal area network.
In today's reflection, er we discussed the main eye ot architecture components, both the architecture itself, off off, America off communication from one device to the server and architectural off the device itself. What's inside of the i o. T. Goodbyes?
I highly recommend it to go to this link. It explains so much more you will see some additional information off. For example, what kind of sensors can you use for different I T purposes? What's the harm off each of the sensors? I mean,
what kind of knowledge do you have? You need to have
Internet to use a sensor of successfully. For example. It's not the same to control sensor that will get the data out of yours. My watch that a sensor that control controls the temperature in some industrial factory. They both have different
safety concerns. So yeah, this ling will explain so much more in detail.
Looking forward in the next video, we'll cover that the functional areas which are four point
So uh, thank you for watching, hoping to it, and all season
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