Scanning with XMAS Scan Part 1

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8 hours 49 minutes
Video Transcription
everyone Welcome back to the course. So in the last video, we did our full connect scan with N map.
No, this video. We're just gonna go ahead and install the Zen map, which is basically the end map gooey version. We're gonna get that installed. And then in the next video, we'll go out and actually use the tool.
So let's go ahead and get started. So now we're back in our terminal window here. All we're gonna do is actually minimize our V NC viewers who just minimize right here. Now that I think it's back to our Windows 10 desktop,
our next step is just launching Internet Explorer.
And then once we launch it, we're gonna go here and step three to this. You are L right here. Now I'll go ahead and Texas in slowly so we can all see it. We're best going on and mac dot org's and we're gonna download The executed will file.
So we're gonna start off by this type of https colon Ford's last Ford slashing her browser.
There were two tech N map
got, or ge
and then went to type in prototype in this next part here, we'll do the Ford Slash dissed and then ford slash end map, and then we'll come back and do the rest.
So ford slash d I s t ford slash and map,
and then we're gonna put a dash in our file name here. Dash 7.6 0 dash setup dot e x c
So dash 7.60
dash set up dot e x e Won't you talked that in? Just go ahead and hit the enter key on your keyboard and it should download the file. It's gonna ask us, Do we want to run it? We're just gonna say yes, we do. We're gonna click the run, but in there
now, it's gonna take some time to download. Text doesn't usually take 50 seconds. It usually takes about 20 seconds or so. But I'm gonna pause the video briefly while it finishes downloading, and then we'll go ahead and
finish out the rest of this particular lab.
All right, so we finished downloading the installation file, and once it downloads after you cook on the run button there, once it downloads, it's gonna launch the wizard for you. So you should get the same pop up here about a license agreement?
No. All we're gonna do is just move through the process of leaving all the defaults alone and just getting this tool install. So all we need to do here, you can read through the license agreement if you want to. But generally speaking, just click on the I I agree button and then getting leave all the defaults alone here and just say next
and they cooked the install button. It's gonna take a moment, soda, install that component of it,
and then we should get another prompt to finish out the installation.
All right, so we have another another license agreement here. What is going to say? I agree to that one as well.
We're gonna leave all the defaults alone and just say installed there,
and we'll let that go ahead, install. And I'm gonna pause a video. This one takes a few seconds or so to complete and actually adjusted that while I was saying that normally takes about 10 to 15 seconds to complete. So we're going to say next here,
it's gonna tell us that it's finished. We're just gonna say, finish there
and then one little last part is gonna finish installing here
and I'll go ahead, pause the video as well. It looks like that one went fastest time as well. So normally, those take about 10 to 15 seconds. Looks like this time it's cooperating. And so it's gonna go quickly.
All right, so we're just gonna say next to here is, Well,
uh, if you want to leave a start menu a shortcut, that's fine. It doesn't really matter. Since we're in a lab environment, I'm just gonna leave those alone. I definitely want the desktop icons. We can use his tool later.
So what to say next there and then just say finish. That's gonna close our wizard for us and then, if you want, you can go ahead and close Internet Explorer
and we'll go ahead and pause a video here and we'll move into the next video. We'll actually go ahead and run these end map tools so you'll see it's down here at the bottom left on our desktop. If we were successful in installing
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