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So welcome back, you star gazers and cloud chasers. Two Module 3.3. Microsoft Office in SAS Software. As a service, I want to spend some time today talking about office 3 65 But what I also want to take a few moments to make sure you understand is that sass and how it's different from infrastructure is a service because you get your software with I as a CZ. Well,
Sass is really a choice about how you went to consumer software, and Sass is making a choice about the level of control you want or require
versus what control you were okay to relinquish by pushing some of that responsibility back onto the vendor and provider. So let's launch this thing and get sassy.
I want to go back to our previous lecture for a second when we spent some time reviewing Microsoft's amazing public cloud platform, Microsoft Azure. So infrastructure is a service is when you outsource network infrastructure elements like virtual ization storage networking, a load balancers toe a cloud provider like Microsoft Azure.
To deploy our applications to the cloud, you have to install operating system images and related applications software
on the cloud infrastructure. So we stand up a compute platform and azure, and then we install a new Windows 10 operating system. Instance, for example, and this model. It is your responsibility to patch that Windows 10 machine. You have to patch, update and maintain the Windows 10 operating system,
and any application software you install with platform is a service to get a core hosting operating system. So here is your Lennox OS
on the Compute, and then you are responsible for your own third party applications. On top of that Lennox OS and Compute platform, you don't have to be responsible for the lower elements of the Compute network security load balancers and operating system that is all provided and has been done for you by the provider
sequel Azure provides. For example, the Microsoft Relational database engine is a platform service
with software as a service you consume is the service only the applications that you need for your business. These applications run on the providers cloud infrastructure and are made accessible to you from various devices, like a browser or on a mobile device. The SAS provider manages everything for you that includes infrastructure, load balancers, firewalls your runtime environments like
DOT Net and Java
and the line of business applications such as email or C or M. You don't have to manage any of that stuff except some of the application configuration settings. But here is where the control comes in with sass. You get a well defined feature set, which has some customization options, but it's pretty limited when compared to doing it yourself. I azar on Prem software models.
If you really want to tweak and customize, although all of those nerd knobs
well, then a sass platform like 03 65 might not be for you.
Each organization or user served by the SAS provider is called a tenant, and this type of arrangement is called a multi tenant architecture. The provider servers are virtually partitioned so that each organization or user works with their own customized virtual application. Instance. The key benefit of Sass is that it requires no upfront investment in servers or software licensing.
Microsoft Office 3 65 is a sass that provides these types of service is
which includes SharePoint online exchange online, Skype for business online in Office Professional. Most of these service is online. Are also available on premise, but the features might not be exactly the same. Microsoft Online service is air subscription based on demand applications,
and our hosted service is that will provide your organization to consistent experience across multiple devices.
I want you to note that with Microsoft Online, SAS Service is in 03 65. Your service is air subscription based and can be used on multiple devices. That's a fancy way of saying that you can install your software on pretty much any device that will take that application. Or you can access
via a browser on any device. Your office. 3 65 Sweet.
Compare this to the traditional software model where you buy your one time license. You put it on that single device only, and that is the only device that you can use that application you are licensed for on. So if you are a tech head like me who has a dozen devices, your traditional software bill can get spending in a hurry.
So there are several options in your old 3 65 subscriptions, and the products delivered in 03 65 pro plus includes desktop versions of your office applications you download an application like outlook email and then install it on your device and then imply the license Microsoft gives you with euro 3 65 pro plus subscription,
you get Web versions of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
You get one terabyte of one DR file storage and file sharing, and we're gonna talk more in depth here in a second on how cool one drive is and you get this guy clan. But you're gonna need the optional Skype for business service if you really want to use it. But what's cool about this subscription consumption model is that it is not. Buy it for one device and forget it.
You can install your abs with 03 65 pro plus subscription
on up to five devices, tablets, species and Mac books. Other subscription options, like the E one e three an E five can contain options like full email hosting with a ton of storage in your own domain, unlimited personal cloud storage, team sharing and team communication portals like SharePoint and Microsoft teams
and host up to 10,000 user Skype meetings.
Videoconferencing, advanced threat protection 03 65 security protecting users against email, phishing attacks, ransomware and malware and retention, Deletion and classifications. Policy Policy Service is
so, according to a 2018 cloud adoption report from Big Glass, a cloud security vendor, 53% of the enterprise is using cloud software as a service. Were using Microsoft Office 3 65
compared to Google's G suite, which is 25% of the market. And according to the same big class cloud adoption report, half of small businesses were using office 3 65 and large businesses were using office 3 65
in 70% of their software. Deployments. Office 3 65 is a lot of really great benefits to organizations, and some of the reasons why the businesses have been huge adopters of office 3 65 include users can work from anywhere. As long as you have an Internet connection, you have the ability to work and have access to your applications.
It provides robust security reliability. Common misconception about that
about the cloud is that it's not safe. You get incredibly reliable service because of the redundancy and availability through Microsoft's data centers across the globe. But you also get a lot of really huge Security Service's, including encrypted email data loss prevention, including identifying, monitoring and protecting sensitive information from leaving your organization.
And Advanced Threat Analytics, which detects an alert. Users of suspicious behavior
and service is like email were Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics and protection scans. It scanned your emails for malicious links and suspicious attachments and prevents them from getting in. Your organization can adopt a consumption model of monthly subscription payments for its software and licensing, compared to one time up front annual payments in full,
which could take a huge chunk out of your I T budget.
Everyone here needs to contribute or edit a particular document or presentation can do so. Using Microsoft teams, you used to have to pay to upgrade your latest versions of software with office 3 65 Those days are over your organization. Always have the latest versions of the Microsoft Suite
at no additional charge. Well, as long as you keep paying your monthly, use your subscription. Of course,
Microsoft Office programs were hugely popular and wildly successful. Your users know Microsoft Office Suite because it's been in the business arena for decades and users don't want to give up their programs they're comfortable with.
The only thing that has changed is that all you're Microsoft applications are now living in the cloud, and you can mix and match Cherie and user plans. There's no need for any of your power users to settle for basic plans or for youto over subscribe for all your basic users just to accommodate a licensing model that satisfies your power users.
So I went down the hall yesterday ahead of this lecture to ask our I T director. What to him is the biggest benefit of Office 3 65 and he immediately responded with one drive as the single most important feature in 03 65 he said, It is really cool how you can download an office app and put them in all his devices.
But the best built in feature of Office 3 65 is the One Dr Service,
which allows him to protect his user community if a security breach occurs. Orphan in users device like their production laptop dies or has components failure like they lose their flash drive. One dr allows I t to select the files and folders of a user and automatically back up those files and folders to the user's one DR account,
so users peces air automatically backing themselves up to the Microsoft office. 3 65 1 Dr Cloud Storage Service
With one drive, you can access files from any device. Have access to your data when you are offline. Don't have to be connected to the Internet to have access to your files and folders. And one dr uses SSL encryption for when transporting data to the one Dr Cloud. One Dr can really be a lifesaver for user's when hardware software problems pop up their ugly heads
and give me a business life preserver,
ensuring your users always have access to their data. And you couldn't ask for a better way to service your end users and their customers, guaranteeing that their data is always available when and where they need it. Or if you were to talk to any of the team members I work with, they would tell you that my second favorite thing about I t remember our most favorite is licensing is patching and updating software.
You know that software updates are getting totally out of hand when you're update tool has to be updated so Not only do you have to update your software,
but update the software tool that manages those updates that to me. Well, now this whole thing is just getting stupid and out of hand. I get it. I understand it, but it causes me to go crazy, and I run off screaming into the woods. I would be remiss when talking about office 3 65 if I didn't share with you that when we subscribed 03 65.
We always get the latest versions of the Microsoft Office suite.
When we use all 3 65 we get more frequent software updates than when we purchase Microsoft software without a subscription. This means that Microsoft Office 3 65 subscribers have access to the latest features security patches and bug fixes.
You still have to update your suite, and there are still some automatic tools that control these updates, like our recently updated Windows Update tool Maur instructor Sarcasm.
But updates are easier in office. 3 65 The bottom line is 03 65 has made it easier for your organization. Deploy Microsoft software consumed, slash pay for its software and manage its software licensing and software. Updated Management Life cycle
The old days where you walked into your computer store and bought a box of Microsoft software. Took it home, spun to media,
applied the serial license key on the included license certificate in the box and then immediately went out and updated. Your software will give you all that the updates, patches and bug fixes. Well, those days are over, my friend. And welcome to the Cloud, Microsoft Office 3 65 and software as a service.
So now I know that all of your gonna go out there and take a Microsoft certification exam to show your employers and colleagues that you're sly and spry with software from Big Sass. But for now, it's time to take our lectures learning Check, which isn't timed, and you don't have to pay for all your re tries. And, well, I'm a way better exam proctor than most of those cats in the testing centers.
They don't let you take your glasses with spy cameras in the test center,
and you can take your books or notes. You can't even write answers on your arms and then cover them with your long sleeve shirt. Passing a certification exam shouldn't have to be that hard.
What are two advantages of sass over the traditional software license model?
Name three of the license subscription types and all 3 65
These three benefits of 03 65 to a 90 organization.
And what is Microsoft one drive? Okay, so all you highly Microsoft certified I t. Professionals. We need to review our answers before, but before we do, I need you to go out there, renew all your organization's vendor licensing agreements. I know you're a fan, and so am I. I am a huge fan,
and then software update all of your computers and devices Inter in user community. So let's say maybe Well, we'll see you back here in 9 to 11 months
when we can review our answers together. There are a lot of advantages of this SAS over the traditional software licensing model, like we get to pay monthly subscriptions for a software rather than one time pay upfront, punch you in the mouth traditional software purchasing, and we get to install our software and more than just one device. Like our phones, tablets, Windows and Mac machines.
There are several license types and over 3 65 But we share with you pro plus
and we talked about the options and knobs and e one e three Andy five user subscriptions. We talked about seven benefits of office 3 65 for an I T organization, including our users can work from anywhere and on any device, high availability and security subscriptions rather than one time budget hits. Microsoft teams
always on the latest software versions. Use what you know, and you can mix and match your user subscriptions to your user base
and Microsoft. One dr allows you to access your files from any device even off line, and it keeps your files safe and backed up the office. 3 65 1 Dr Cloud In case you ever have hardware or software issues, pretty great stuff.
Thank you all your sassy people Hope you enjoyed today's lecture. So next time we get together Google Cloud Platform G C P.
So on behalf of all of us Cyber security and I t Learning Team. Thanks for joining us. We look forward to seeing you in the next lecture. Take care
and happy packets
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