3.2 Conclusion

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Video Transcription
Hey, everyone, welcome back to the course. So in the last video, we just talked about where you can go find the assessments. So again, the assessment he'll want to do is kind of wrapping up this course or the cross site scripting, store, bass fishing, the cross that scripting sword and the cross state scripting reflected labs all those air by range for So you'll find those in the catalog just by searching for X
S s. They should be the 1st 3
search results in the catalog.
Now again, if you don't have access to the cyber lab environment, which again you should give you a lot of access to lapse. But if you don't, for some reason, you could always set up your own across the scripting sample stuff with me till today on your own virtual machines. We don't cover that this course, but you could find a lot of videos and courses out there that I show you how to do that.
So this video, we're just gonna wrap things up in the course
and talk about the things that we covered. So in Module one recovered an introduction to myself in the course of general, So he talked about core structure as well as the objectives for the course. So again, the objectives were to learn about what cross site scripting is as well as the different types of cross ex scripting Sophie recall we talked about stored or persistent.
We also talked about reflected and then Don based cross site scripting Attacks
module to limit it to two labs. We did a very simple example of a reflected attack. And then we also did an example of a brother hook attack using beef.
And then here in Montreuil three, we talked about the assessments of the last video howto find those. And then here we are in the conclusion video, just wrapping things up.
So next steps for you. Well, obviously, I've talked several times in the course about Joe Perry's little video Siris on breaking stuff with Joe. And then I specifically mentioned the beef video that he has in the catalog. So I recommend you go check that out. It's not too long at all. I think it's less than 30 minutes. Ah, Father Little course that you could take.
I also recommend the penetration testing unethical hacking. Obviously that's that's one by me. So if you're interested in a pen testing, if that this course got you interested in that, that's a good course to take his wealthy, advanced pen testing course by Georgia Weidman.
And then also, if you're interested in in kind of more Web attacks and finding out more about that type of stuff, are actually recommend my old boss top 10 course for you. We'll go over. A lot of the OAS stopped in. Well, we do go over the top 10 and we talk about a lot of things related to, like injection attacks and also cross that scripting as well. So it's a fun little course for you to go take
and get some more information.
So, as always, I want to thank you for taking the course and I will see you the next one.