2.6 Defining Networks with the OSI Model Part 6 - MTAN

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Welcome back to Sob, Aries Empty A 98
3 66 Network and Fundamental Certification Prep course.
Again, this is continuation off model, too.
Now, if you recall during the course of this particular module, in other words, margin number two again, This is the last presentation for this particular model that will be providing today. Now, doing the course we discuss various concepts is us our model we're looking at now that's missing in Paris and Rio vertical communication
as well as effective hordes on a communication. And we also discussed the seven layers
of the O. S I. R model. Now we're one of the last layers or stacks that we discuss. What's the application layer? Now? We learned that the application that is the only layer that directly interacts with the data from a user software application, like your Web browsing email client relied on the application layer to initiate communication. So
again we go around not this particular president taste of finishing.
I discussion by discussing again the tea sappy model.
Perhaps the best place begin by taking a look at a pre assessment course in and the course is as follows.
Which protocol do you use as a transport protocol for video application is a TCP
is a bu t p is it see FTP or our d C?
If you say let the again UDP you're correct. It's a connection list protocol, little overhead and increased performance over PCP.
Now that brings the discussing TCP happy protocol. Sweet.
Now, the transmission control protocol in that protocol is a language of computer users to access in it. It consists of a suite of protocols designed to establish a network of networks to provide it holds for access to the limit. TCP i p responsible full flats
data card activity and transmitted down in the end by providing other functions.
For example, including addressing mapping an acknowledgment TCP contained four layers way in Where would we looks, which is slightly different from the S i r model? The technology is so common that one would rather use the full name their words
in common usage. The acronym is now the term itself.
Now, when you look at, let's take a look at a Teacher Pete model and the SA tomorrow. Now the oils that mother is a conceptual model. The TCP Mara is a standard protocol used for every network, including the intimate When us our model is not a protocol but a reference model used for understanding and designed this system Architecture TCP
is a four layer mar or four stacks way
O s. I has seven layers. The TCP M R is a protocol motto and describes a function at each of its layers the protocols that are defined in this but our user base on Bender specifications. However, the TCP Mara is open, standard and therefore no company asking. Show off the definition.
This protocol and definition and TCP happy are maintained and public records
maintained by i e. T f the Engineering Task Force and they are known as R F sees requests for comments. The Teashop e Mara was introduced in 1970 by the U. S d. O d Department of Defense.
Now it bears Minister Ladders tutor again or it's our model. It breaks the modern to four layers that we see listed here
heres agains the comparison again of the layers in the TCP model as opposed to the OS our model.
Continue on here again. Well, remember when you have those again, when you transmit information again. Down on that stack is going through a process of the encapsulation as it goes to the receiving side. It goes to a price of de caps elation, in other words. Now again, there's four level address and using it in that
Internet employment off the tee. Sappy protocol.
You again. You have the physical address, for example, the even an address. We have the logical address I p address. We have important number, and we have specifics.
So again, here it again. These are this is what the comprises again. The network live and teach European model. You have the edge. What takes place? Essentially his address resolution, reverse address, resolution, Internet control message and also in that group messages we look a transport layer and teach CPR model.
We have a user data. Graham Again, We talked about that before, which is a connection less unreliable type protocol.
We have a transmission control protocol, which is a connection, or in which we discuss. And in previous videos we also have screamed control transmission protocol again. This is for supporting media and get divorced over happy. Remember us. UDP again is a connection protocol, little overhead increase performance over TCP
here again, looking at their relation with layers and addresses again for as a TC. Happy as you could look at this particular slide here, you can see where the comparison lies that here
and we see again specific address as we see the port address. We should talk about the four logical dresses well, as your physical address
the next night. Have some common what we call common TCP UDP ports.
Again, we see till Net. It's Port 23 SMTP, its Port 25 Again. It's a good idea to kind of memorized some of these different ports because you definitely would perhaps see some of them on the exam. Now this is a list of the TCP and UDP port novels used by protocols of an application layer of the Internet Protocol suite for establishing a post holes
the transmission control protocol and they use the data. Graham Protocol needs only one port for four duplex. Bi directional again traffic. We think about four duplicate means able to transmit in both directions.
Half duplex means only able to transmit in one direction. That brings us to our post assessment questions.
How many layers stood a TCP I p model half is a three.
Is it be four? Is it see six or is it D seven
now? The tea set The correct essays. The TCP model is similar to rice, and mine is often used by software manufacturer who are not as conservative. How informations set over physical media or how the data is actually get this model's comprise. If you say it be
You're correct, as actor has four layers within a TCP poppy Marlow.
Here's another question
which later Norris are Mara is included in the T. C. P. I. P Model is a physical.
Is it be data link
Is a sea transport or D application
Now in a teepee, Modern toys, alma mater Physical. Let's skip all together and the application layer comprises the O S I
applications again. The correct answer for this one is
C transport. So the transport there is the only one from us. I'm art it, although that that also appears in the TCP happy model.
Now don't, of course, In this critical presentation, we discuss the teashop e we learned it stands for transmission control protocol, which is set of networking protocol that allows to arm or computers to communicate to the defense Defense Data Network, part of their Defense Department Defense Development Teacher. Happy model
in basic terms. Teach if he allowed one computer talk to the another. Computer.
Vietor, innit? Through compiling packages of data and sending them to the right type location, the transmission report protocols, the language and computer users to access to end it. We talked about that as well,
and one of the last things I want to mention before we conclude this presentation or this particular model teach appears responsible. Full fledged data conductivity and transmitted out of the end end by providing other function, including addressing mapping an acknowledgement again. It has four layers that we spoke off earlier.
Again. That concludes again, Margin number two
and we're gonna be moving on to modern 3 19 more than three. When we moved. Turn our attention toward discussing understanding Wired and Wireless Network
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