2.1 Intro to General Policies

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2 hours 23 minutes
Video Transcription
Hello and welcome to I T. Security Policy. This is part of module to the general policies introduction where we'll discuss everything that's gonna happen in March of two of this training
story myself. Troy Lemaire and this is here on Cyber Eri.
So in this introduction, the learning objective is to understand what policies fit into the general policy section,
as well as understanding what policies air actually in the general policy section.
So what type of policies fit into the general policy section? Basically, if you look at it, what we try to fit in is what is actually related to a user or a behavior or an expectation. It's not about systems, it's not about servers. It's not about databases and anything like that. It has to do with anything that a user would do
where you would want to have a certain type of behavior
are a certain expectation for certain steps toe happen,
be able to occur inside of this section.
Some examples here of the general policies that are included inside of this section acceptable use malicious software, which is a pretty important disaster recovery contingency operations, which are separate items. Disaster is one thing,
contingencies another. They interact in the same way, but they have to totally different purposes
your data backup policy, your email security. And then whenever you get into password management, you also want to look at password construction, and we'll talk more about each one of those as we get into those policies.
The reason I list these is if there's any policy that is in a particular interest to you, you'll be able to go straight to one of these policies so that you can look at it and not have to skim through each policy to get to the one that is the most important to you
again. In today's reflex chur, we discussed the general policies introduction, understanding what policies fit into the general policy section and understanding what policies are actually in the general policy section.
If you have any questions or clarification, as always, you can reach mayor. Reach me on the cyber message. My user name is at Troy Lemaire and I look forward to joining you in the next course, which is going to get into the meat and material of module to the general policies
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