14.1 Steganography Tools

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Hi. Welcome back to the course in this multi. We're going to learn what's steganography is on how to implement it to hide information in five. So let's begin.
According to some experts, stenography is the technique off hiring secret data within an ordinary known secret file or message. In order to avoid detection, the secret data is destructed at its destination.
The world to steganography comes from the Greek word. Stay on if meaning hidden or covered on the Greek root graph, meaning right,
there are no terrific abused toe conf you almost any type of digital content, including text image video or out your contents. The data to be hearing come behavior inside. I must any other type off the metal content
the counter to be concealed. Twist. Iconography is often created before being incorporated into the Nokia *** cover text file or data stream.
If not in Crete, the hidden text is commonly processed in some way to increase the difficulty off. Detecting the secret message.
There are 13 output is called the steak a text.
However, the area office steganography is too high data rather than in cretin it why there are many legitimate uses for steganography mayor, where developers have also be found to use a steganography to obscure the transmission off malicious cold
e mortar digital steganography. The data is first in Crete. It or office skated in some other way on, then inserted using a special algorithm into data that it's part of a particular file format. So Chas J. P g mash audio or video file.
The secret message can be embedded in tow. Ordinary data files in many different ways.
One technique is to hide data in beads that represent the same color. Picks is repeated in a row in Anne Must Fight by applying the in Crete a data tow this resident on Zeta in some Inco speak this way,
there soon will be any much file. There appears identical to do originally much,
but that has noise partners off free with our own encrypted data.
The practice off arena, watermark, trademark or other identifying data here in multimedia or other content files. It's one common use office. There are no Rafi
water. Market is a technique often used by online publishers to identify the source off media fires that have be found being shared without permission.
Why there are many different uses office steganography, including M bearing sensitive information into five types. One off the most common techniques is to embed a text file into any much file. When this is done, anyone viewing the image file,
you know, be able to see a difference between the original image file
under in Crete. That file This is accomplished by story in the message, with less significant beats in the data file. This process can be completed manually or with the youth off a steganography tool.
The primary advantage off Houston steganography to hide data over encryption is that it helps obscure the fact that very sensitive data hearing in the file or content car in the hearing text. Where us on in Crete it file
message or network packet payload
is clearly market on. Identifiable as such, you see Listerine honorific techniques. Health so skewed the presence off this accused channel
steganography is the state from cryptography, but you still both together Come hell. Improved the security off the protected information on prevent detection off the secret communication.
If he learnt data is us in created, the data might still be safe from detection, though they Tiana will no longer be safe from detection. Their advantages to using steganography, combined with correction over encryption on Lee communication
stenography so for is used to perform our area off functions to hide data, including encoding the day you have to prepare it to be here and inside another file
keeping track off wisp. Ease off the court text file contained here and data in Crete in the data to be hearing on extracted here and data by its intended recipient,
then our proprietary a swell as open source are free to use programs available for dinner. Stenography
Open stable is an open source. Tell Refugee program. Other programs can be characterized by the tight off data that can be hearing as well as what types off fires the day that can be heating inside.
Some online Stan refuse. So for tools include chow steganography, usedto hide secret files in BMP matches or W A V fires.
Another one is E. Muster nor a fee, a Java script tool that highest images inside other much fice
on Creature, a common line tool that is used to perform steganography
before finishing. Here's a quick question for you.
What does the worst they're gonna refugees.
Do you think it's a hit and fire
or be here and writing or see here and mash? Or maybe D? He didn't rock.
The answer here is be the war to sentinel graffiti comes from Greek history. I mean hidden writing.
To sum up daily office steganography is to hide data rather than in cretin it. This is becoming more and more important because users come before to reveal their passwords.
If there is no way for another sorry to prove they're increasing data insist on even more importance. No way for the owner of the data to prove that they can reveal all password. Then they can effectively the night they were in possession often create the data.
Please check the references for more information on Join me in the next video, where we will do a Hansel practice honest and or a fee
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