1.2 Introduction to Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI)

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Video Transcription
Hello, everyone, Welcome back to introduction to, say, regret, Intelligence. This time we will be giving a fast review on main points that you have to know before diving deep into the cyber tracked intelligence room.
This video will try to give a nice terror to main concept that maybe using the models the hair.
So what are we waiting for? Let's start.
Okay, First things first. What is the exact definition of cyber credit intelligence? Well, n'est gives a very accurate definition by stating the tread intelligence is threat information that has bean aggregated, transform,
analyze, interpreted or in reach to provide the necessary context for decision making processes. This definition is cyber threat intelligence at its core. Nonetheless, CyberTrips intelligence capabilities are way more than that,
and its flexibility allows for many other actions to be collected from its processes.
More specifically, sense Institute called cyber Credit intelligence as the analysis, often adversaries intent, opportunity and capability to do harm is known.
If you notice the conference between us, Both definition is that one refers more to general information about threats. It gives more of a passive definition or off cyber credit intelligence, and this seconds were talks about an active adverse her with the specific resources and capabilities
that might be targeting our organization.
Thes two concepts contain accurately the most important capabilities off CyberTrips intelligence and the usual perspectives for which this unit is used.
what should we understand as cyber threat? Well, n'est also defines disturb as an event or condition that has the potential for casting asset lost and the undesirable consequences or impact from such loss.
Maybe these definition is a little Brock when trying to define a specific thing that we're trying to protect ourselves from. But the reality is that the definition is brought because the actual thing is brought as well, literally anything can be a threat from the outlet where you plucked the server to power it
to the janitor in charge of cleaning the whole facility.
Actually, there's a sort of funny story regarding the subject.
There was one time a client called the company I work for, and it stated that their servers were compromised because they were started every day exactly at night. I am, and they required a deep analysis to find out why this was happening.
Well, long story short, we found out that the recent their servers shut down every day at that hour was because it was the moment that the janitor entered it, that a center and clean clean the outlets. And how did they clean the outlet? Well,
disconnecting every cable clean. It'd truly and connected it again.
Yes, that is a true story, and you may think that the threat was the janitor.
Well, let me tell you that it's not room. The real threat here is a lack of awareness from companies to their personnel, and cleaning employees are often the most offer looked when it should be all the way around, since they have access to most of the places in a facility.
Now, in a more serious approach, Bryson business performs these data breach analyses every year where they collect information about breaches and incidents off all over the world and create.
He's very useful information.
You can get very interesting insights from this report. Every year you can download 20 nineteen's report from Link at the end of the slide.
Well, in this that of reach investigation reports, D B, I. R.
We can see how much of a ning backed have that a breaching most organization
from a tutor, off 41,686 incidents analyzed in 2018 52% of them were products of hacking actions. 69% were perpetrated by external actors.
35 person. Where possible tre fishing campaigns
71% were financially motivated.
This and a bunch of father data can give organizations a perspective of how many trends are out there and how much lost they are costing.
These are not numbers created out of probability or out of trends. These air really numbers of real scenarios analyzed.
This kind of information is the one that needs to be seen by organizations in order to define the importance off having accurate defenses in place
and how this is going to help my organization.
That's what we're going to find out in discourse. This and many other questions will be answered along these curse when where we can find where the cyber threat Italians, Eunice is placing an organization. What is the history and purpose off cyberthreat Italians in its many forms? And how could you put all of this to work
to get the best out of cyber trades intelligence
so That's it. We're done with the first episode off Introduction to Cyber Trades. Intelligence. Thanks for joining. See you in the next video.
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