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Video Transcription
they have one. Welcome to the sniffing. Many course here on Sabri. My name is Ken Underhill. I'll be your instructor for the course.
So here in this course, we're gonna practice using wire shark and TCP done so to tools that we use for sniffing. Now, sniffing, if you're not familiar with that is we're basically listening in on a conversation, So kind of like Nitti in high school or something. You were talking to your boyfriend or girlfriend on the phone.
Your mom picked up the phone in the kitchen, was listening in. So that way, when you said hey, yeah, I'll meet you at the party
your mom started screaming at you. Say no, you won't. S o I. Am I the only one that had to happen but anyways, uh,
die aggressive. They're a bit, but basically sniffing is listening in on a conversation for lack of better words there. And so we're gonna be using to tools in this course wire shark and TCP dump. We're gonna practice of using filters, that sort of stuff as well as looking at the information that we might actually find in a network packet.
And as as all a part of that. We're gonna do a lot of hands on practice with those tools, so that's kind of the main objective here. It's a mini course, so we're really just focused on a hands on thing. So they actually the only lecture type of environment is gonna be this introduction as well is back in the conclusion section. Everything else and the course is gonna be a step by step blab
as well as, well, mention the Capstone lab that you'll want to do.
So some pre requisites that'll really, really help you with this course of background at Lennox is gonna be good specifically, like a boon to or even Callie. Ah, background and not looking so that way. When I mentioned things like packing, you know what I'm talking about? You don't get confused there. It's good to also have some knowledge of operating system, just kind of how they function. That's where stuff
on, mostly just really kind of navigation of double click and
and navigate your way around different percents. Seen the operating systems like Windows or Linux
Hardware's as good knowledge is. Well, I had, you know, basically your computer type of knowledge your basic background there, like your help desktop background that will benefit you in this course and specifically if you're going for the easy counsel sort of unethical hacker, Sam or the company. A pen test. Plus it, Sam.
Both those exams you'll actually see, like sniffing,
tested in some capacity. So you'll definitely want to know some wire shark filters and how to use wire ship. So f y I on that. So if you're going for either of those exams, these air definitely a good course to take now. One thing I want to mention alongside that is I do have a penetration. Testing an ethical hacking course here on cyber is so if you haven't taken that yet
and you happen to be going for
specifically a CH exam, but the information will be beneficial as well for the pen tests. Plus, definitely check out that exam.
Excuse me, That course Now we will be having a pen test plus certification prep course. Coming out here in 2019 is the plan, so just keep an eye on the website and keep an eye on her emails. Well, so that way, when the course launches, you'll be ableto go take that one as well. So that way, if you're taking either of those exams, our goal is to try to cover you
for the preparation.
So who am I? What do you care? Right. Uh, I'm the master instructor. A cyber again. My name is Ken Underhill.
I'm also an agent professional digital forensics. As in the filming of this course, I'm not actually teaching like this semester, but I have taught in the past, and I'm still, uh, definitely on active staff.
Ah, this far is like teaching. If you don't know agent professional stuff work especially kind of like a pr andr as is or as you want to sort of thing. Um and that's, you know, universities use that to kind of structure their budget. It's the fact that a little bit
I hold the masters of science in cyber security, which is more relevant than the professor thing. I also hold on the ground a cyber security management as well as information system. So it's ah, dual major degree there. I hope the EEC counsel certified ethical hacker Examination certification as well as the EEC counsel computer hacking, forensic investigator one,
uh I'm also studying for the company. A pen tests Plus right now. So I'm actually probably one of the people that will be
doing the pen tests. Plus prep course. Eso. Once I passed that, I'll go ahead and start working on that. I haven't decided yet. If I'll have a collaborator on that, I probably will. So you probably have a couple instructors on that course and then also for easy counsel. I've been an exam reviewer. So specifically for the
certified ethical hacker exam. The current version is on right now. Is he
as of the filming of this course on then? Also, I've been a writer for questions on the computer acting forensic investigator of the CH EF Eye exam.
And no, I cannot tell you the answers for either of those exams.
All right, so want to recover to this course? I kind of just talk about it quite a bit, You know, in the past, their wire shark and TCB dump are the major things. Of course, in March of one here, we're doing the introduction video. And then module three will cover the conclusion as well as I'll show you where to go for the Capstone lab,
so this course is structured as on demand video on dhe. With that, as I mentioned, it's primarily lab based, so I'll have step by step guides for you to take a look at and walk through the labs with. You'll also see that when I film the labs, I have the step by step got on the screen. We kind of go through that step by step.
Hence the name step by step. Now, if you feel that I go too slow or too faster in the labs, that's why I created the guide so that we can kind of just do them on your own. But I try to keep pace that most people could follow along.
So all those lab guides and some other helpful information as far as like study guides and stuff like that. With wire shark filters, TCP commands some more information about the tools themselves. All that stuff is buried in the supplemental resource is section, so be sure to click on that and download. The resource is
so just a quick post assessment question. This one's very, very easy. If you were paying attention, so I have a master's degree in history. Is that true or false?
Are so that's false, right? I mentioned I have a masters degree in cyber security. And also it's ah, dual portion there with cyber security information Assurance from Western Governors S O. I do not have a degree in history. No.
All right, so that was a quick introduction to myself and the course in the next module. We're gonna go ahead and jump right into our labs with wire shark and TCP does.
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