Identity Access Management in AWS


In this course, students will learn identity and access management- namely the feature details of AWS IAM- and gain an understanding of IAM relationships with other AWS services.

27 minutes
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Course Description

In this training course, students will learn the details and features of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution. Students will gain a thorough understanding of how IAM works with other AWS services.


Students should have an AWS account and some knowledge of AWS services.

What is AWS IAM?

The Amazon Web Services Identity and Access Management solution gives AWS customers identity management capabilities by allowing IT administrators to manage which users have permission to access the different AWS resources and which types of actions they are allows to perform.

AWS IAM utilizes three key components (users, groups, and permissions) for managing AWS identities and proper user access. It allows administrators to manage permissions for applications as well, and to use identity federation to control access to an AWS account, and to analyze access to services and resources.

What Does the Mastering Identity Access Management in AWS Course Entail?

In this training course, students will learn the details and features associated with AWS IAM. They will learn how to generate and manage AWS users and groups, and how to control permissions to allow or deny access to AWS resources and services.

Upon completing the course, students will have a thorough understanding of:

  • Security basics
  • IAM features and AWS organizations
  • IAM users, groups, roles, and policies
  • How to secure the AWS root account

Students who enroll in the Mastering Identity Access Management in AWS class should already have an AWS account, as well as basic knowledge of AWS services.

The AWS IAM training course is considered to be an intermediate level class. This short training has 27 minutes total clock time. Once finished, students will earn 1 CEU/CPE and they will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Why learn identity and access management?

Identity access management is the method that ensures that the right users are able to access the appropriate technology resources and services, at the right time. There are three key concepts in the IAM realm – identification, authentication, and authorization. These processes, when worked together correctly, provide users with the access and permissions that they need to perform their jobs, while preventing unauthorized users from accessing sensitive information and resources.

When organizations don’t have a centralized strategy for identity access management, like AWS’s solution, IT professionals potentially have to manage authentication and authorization across various increasingly diverse technology environments that support many different business functions. This can create issues as the IT professionals who work in such environments have a thorough understanding of all the business operations of the organization, as well as the ways that access to various IT systems enables those operations.

Conversely, an effective IAM solution allows organizations a secure and efficient management method across these diverse environments, while also delivering the following three benefits:

  • Increased data security – Utilizing a single platform that consolidates authentication and authorization functions, IT professionals have a consistent process for managing access. That makes it simpler to revoke access from a user who leaves the organization, knowing that the change in accessibility will be effective across all integrated systems.
  • Lower security costs – A centralized IAM solution means that administrators can be more efficient with their time. This makes a difference in the time and money that have to be spent to support an information security team.
  • Better access to resources – A centralized IAM platform may benefit from using single sign on technology. This limits the number of interactions that any given user has with security systems, improving their overall access to resources.

These benefits show how important it is to have a centralized identity access management solution, like AWS IAM, in place.

With the ever-increasing popularity of Amazon Web Services, it’s important for IT and information security professionals to be well versed in the features and services the platform provides. Cybrary’s Mastering IAM in AWS training provides students with that essential knowledge.

How Can You Learn Identity and Access Management?

One of the best ways to learn about the Identity Access Management portion of Amazon Web Services is right here with Cybrary’s online training course. Students who take this course will enjoy the convenience of completing the modules on their own time, at their own pace. If you are interested in learning how to use the services offered by AWS, our Mastering Identity Access Management in AWS course is a must. To enroll in the course now and begin AWS IAM, just click the Register button at the top right of this screen.