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Sun Certified Java Programmer practice exam will help to prepare for the Oracle Certified Associate Java SE Programmer exam. The practice exam is on the basic understanding of programming with Java.

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What is this Java Certification Practice Test?

This Sun Certified Java Programmer practice test is a tool for Cybrary learners that helps them prepare for the Oracle Certified Associate Java SE Programmer certification exam. The exam and certification are designed to test and validate Java programming basics.

About a decade ago, Sun Microsystems was acquired by Oracle, and the Sun Certified Java Programmer certification was mapped over to the Oracle Certified Associate Java SE Programmer certification. It’s a beginner-level certification that Oracle awards to professionals in the IT industry who pass the exam. Candidates for this credential typically participate in a training course, like the Introduction to Java online course we offer at Cybrary. Taking such a course is the first step toward attaining certification.

After completing the Java training course, learners need to prepare for their certification exam. Perhaps the best way to become comfortable with what the exam is like is by taking this Java certification practice test. Cybrary’s Sun Certified Java Programmer practice test allows students to familiarize themselves with the types of questions on the test, learn to manage their test-taking time effectively, and identify any areas in which they need more study.

Why Become a Certified Oracle Associate Java SE Programmer?

Java is a programming language used by more than 12 billion devices, which Oracle says makes it the most popular programming language worldwide. It’s been around for over 25 years, and its use continues to increase. As a mature programming language that is found everywhere, it’s crucial that current and aspiring developers have a good understanding of Java.

The benefits of becoming certified in Java programming are many. It’s a free download that’s free to use, which makes it very cost-effective to learn. Certification in Java provides IT professionals with a feather in their caps when it comes to job and promotion opportunities. It’s something that adds value to a resume and doesn’t go unnoticed by recruiters and hiring managers. Not to mention the higher salaries that certifications typically offer. All other things being the same, a certified employee will usually earn a bigger paycheck than an employee who isn’t certified.

Obtaining the Certified Oracle Associate Java SE Programmer credential validates a specific skillset that many organizations want their technology professionals to possess.

Which Java Certification is Best?

Various Java programming certifications show an individual is knowledgeable in the language and has specific Java-related skills. The certifications and exams are based on learners’ level of expertise, beginning with associate-level designations, like the Certified Oracle Associate Java SE Programmer credential. The next levels are Professional, Certified Expert, and finally, Master.

The Oracle Certified Master Java Enterprise Architect is the most prestigious Java certification that Java developers can have. With this certification, an individual is proven to have the required expertise in Java to execute application development at the enterprise level. While some would argue this is the best Java certification, it’s important to remember that someone cannot advance to this level without first achieving the lower-level certifications, which makes credentials like the Oracle Associate Java SE Programmer certification important as well.

At Cybrary, we are proud of our commitment to provide our learners with the quality instruction, content, and resources they need to earn IT and cybersecurity certifications. One of the key resources we provide is certification practice tests. We make it simple for students to learn skills in our courses, practice in our virtual lab, and then test their knowledge with our practice tests. Whether they are just beginning a career or looking to advance their current position, Cybrary is convenient and effective for students.