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Introduction to Programming Using JavaScript practice exam prepares for the Microsoft 98-382 exam which credits toward the MTA certification. Practice exam will measure basic concepts in programming with Javascript.

45 minutes
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Introduction: The Introduction to Programming with Javascript test is a beginner level test that is hosted by Practice Labs. This is a practice exam to prepare for Microsoft 98-382. This test utilizes concepts and the use of the programming syntax in order to test the user’s knowledge of the JavaScript programming language. There are two modes to utilize, learn mode and exam mode. These two modes will help a user understand the process and layout of the test, as well as their understanding of JavaScript.

Activity Breakdown: After searching for the exam or locating it in the catalog, click on Introduction to Programming with Javascript practice test. This practice test is being hosted by Practice Labs. You are able to take the test in Learn mode or in Exam mode. If you chose learn mode, it does not track your score. At the bottom of each question, there are two buttons; one to show the answer and one to give an explanation to each answer. There is no time limit in Learn mode. As you take the Introduction to Programming with Javascript Exam Mode, the software for Practice Labs will keep track of your score and average out all your attempts. There is a 45-minute time limit, and all questions are multiple-choice. Practice Labs also provides reports for each exam attempt to allow the user to view their answers and review the answers which were missed.

This does NOT provide actual questions from the test; it tests your knowledge of the concepts. Practice Labs presents the Introduction to Programming with JavaScript practice test with 60 questions to model after the official exam. The official exam is weighted on the folloing subjects: 25% of the exam will cover implementation and analyzing decisions and loops, 5% will cover interacting with HTML forms, 15% will cover interacting with the Document Object Model, 25% will cover programming with JavaScript Operators, Methods, and Keyboards, and the final 30% will cover programming with Variables, Data Types, and Functions.

Conclusion: The Introduction to Programming with JavaScript exam covers coding and scripting skills in the JavaScript language. These skills and this knowledge are utilized in software development, software engineering, integration, and web design career fields. After completing the exam, the user will have a better understanding of JavaScript as well as an evaluation of how well they know JavaScript by gauging their preparedness for the Microsoft 98-382 exam.