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This practice exam helps to prepare for the CompTIA Cloud Essentials certification exam. Practice exam focuses on business and IT application of cloud computing and its solutions.

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What is the CompTIA Cloud Essentials Practice Test?

The CompTIA Cloud Essentials practice test is designed to help prepare learners for the official certification exam CLO-002. The test, like the certification, focuses on the IT and business applications or cloud computing and its solutions.

The CompTIA Cloud Essentials certification is a vendor-neutral, globally-recognized credential that validates that test-takers have the knowledge required to understand the basics of cloud computing, help simplify cloud implementation, improve communication about cloud computing among company staff, and improve productivity across an organizations’ professionals – not just the IT department. It’s important that employees understand the fundamental approach to cloud computing and the advantages and challenges that come with moving to and governing the cloud.

On our CompTIA Cloud Essentials practice test, learners are provided with sample questions similar to those on the certification test, CLO-002. The questions on the practice test are designed to help students become familiar with the type and difficulty level of real test questions.

Taking the practice test allows learners to get comfortable with the topics they will be tested on and to identify any areas where there is a skills gap so they can be addressed before taking the CompTIA Cloud Essentials certification exam.

How Hard is the CompTIA Cloud Essentials CLO-002 Practice Test?

The difficulty of the Cloud Essentials practice test varies from person to person. It depends on multiple factors, including education, work experience, learning style, test-taking attitude, and perhaps most importantly, how much an individual has done to properly prepare for the test. Well-prepared learners may not find this beginning-level practice test very difficult, while others who have not put as much time and effort into studying and practicing may find it hard.

The CompTIA CLO-002 practice test represents the certification exam and has a similar level of difficulty. The topics covered on both the practice test and the official CompTIA Cloud Essentials certification exam and their respective weighting are:

  • Cloud Concepts (24%)
  • Business Principles of Cloud Environments (28%)
  • Operations – Management and Technical (26%)
  • Cloud Risk, Compliance, Governance, and Security (22%)

On the certification exam, there may be up to 75 multiple choice questions, for which test-takers have one hour to complete. To pass, candidates must earn a score of at least 720, on a scale of 100-900.

How to Pass CompTIA Cloud Essentials Certification Exam

At Cybrary, we work hard to make sure that our students receive all the information, course content, quality instruction, and resources to take and pass the certification exams they need to enhance their cybersecurity careers. Our commitment is to provide learners with a comprehensive learning experience in our courses with relevant and high-quality content, access to instructors who are seasoned in cybersecurity, and cutting-edge tools and technologies, including virtual labs and practice tests.

The CompTIA Cloud+ certification training course ensures that learners have a thorough understanding of the concepts and skills required to successfully pass the official certification CLO-002 exam. They will have access to the Cloud Essentials practice test, so they can evaluate their proficiency in all areas of the exam and develop confidence in their knowledge before they take the real test.

Cybrary’s students can practice and study in our virtual labs and take practice tests as they desire, whenever and wherever they want to. We make it simple and convenient for students to develop important skills needed to start or advance their careers in cybersecurity.