The Report Writing for High-Tech Investigations module provides you with the instructions and devices to develop your hands on skills in the following topics.

  • Using ProDiscover Basic to Generate Reports
  • Using OSForensics to Generate Reports
  • Hands-On Project 14-1
  • Hands-On Project 14-2
  • Hands-On Project 14-3
  • Hands-On Project 14-4

Exercise 1 - Using ProDiscover Basic to Generate Reports

You need to look for spreadsheet accounting information that might have been created with OpenOffice Calc and e-mail correspondence created in Outlook Express. For OpenOffice Calc, search for files with .ods and .sxc extensions. For Outlook Express, look for files with a .dbx extension. When you have found files matching these extensions, bookmark them and generate a report in ProDiscover. Then export the files for further examination in OSForensics.

Exercise 2 - Using OSForensics to Generate Reports

OSForensics has some unique features that aren’t available in ProDiscover Basic. The following steps show you how to further analyze the Outlook Express .dbx files you exported with ProDiscover.

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