Node.js online test helps hiring managers & recruiters to find the best suitable candidate by assessing his/her expertise on Node.js. Topics covered are Javascript Engine, Packages, Directories, Sessions. Useful for hiring Node.JS Developer, Node JS Engineer, Front End Developer

20 minutes
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What is the Node.js Assessment?

Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform, JavaScript runtime environment that runs web applications outside of a web browser. It lets developers use JavaScript to write command line tools, and perform server-side scripting. Node.js is widely used by many organizations. As a result, many hiring managers and recruiters seek to hire employees with Node.js skills. This assessment helps identify the most suitable candidates for roles that utilize the platform by assessing their Node.js expertise.

What Does the Node.js Assessment Test Cover?

Cybrary’s Node.js Assessment is an iMocha tool that allows hiring personnel to test potential employees and identify their levels of experience with Node.js. The topics covered in the assessment are JavaScript Engine, Directories, Packages, and Sessions.

This assessment is considered intermediate-level and is helpful in screening potential Node.JS Developers, Node JS Engineers, Front End Developers, and other relevant cybersecurity positions. The assessment test consists of ten questions that must be completed within 20 minutes.

Why Should Employers Use Pre-Employment Assessment Tests?

It’s essential for organizations to have the right employees with the right skill sets to be successful over time. Using pre-employment assessment testing is an effective method for finding those candidates whose skills match open job descriptions.

Pre-employment assessment tests introduce the aspect of objectivity into the hiring process by generating solid, standardized results across all applicants. Hiring managers can then use the data to make more informed and defensible hiring decisions. Skills assessments not only help ensure that individuals with the right knowledge are hired for specific roles, but they do so in an easy, effective, and non-biased way.

The most significant benefits an organization will experience by using skills assessment testing include:

  • Increased productivity
  • Quicker, more efficient hiring processes
  • Increased employee retention (which results in a reduction in hiring and training costs associated with turnover)
  • Non-biased hiring that uses objective and validated data

Choose Cybrary for Your Node.js Assessment Test Needs

Cybrary’s Node.js Assessment test, as well as our other assessment tests, helps your organization find and hire the right employees to fill relevant IT roles – doing so quickly, easily, and effectively. The Node.js assessment is available whenever you need it. We are dedicated to helping individual learners as well as organizations in developing the right IT knowledge and skills for specific roles. Let us help build the right workforce for your company with our extensive library of cybersecurity courses, assessments, practice exams, and virtual labs.