Data Interpretation

The Data Interpretation Test is a premium Cybrary assessment created by iMocha. This exam requires the ability to interpret metadata through the analysis of various charts, tables, and graphs to arrive at an informed decision or conclusion.

30 minutes
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The Data Interpretation Test is intended for students at the intermediate level and has a 30-minute time limit. Having a strong foundation in math and statistics is helpful. With this solid foundation of knowledge, completing the exam in the time allotted is reasonable even if you need to doublecheck or research your answer before proceeding onto the next question. Completing the lab will help students develop healthy critical thinking and analytical skills. It will also ensure that they can read and interpret numerical content and arrive at an informed decision or conclusion that meets the organization’s objectives, which is essential for the Data Analyst, Data Scientist, and Research Analyst work roles. You will also perform metadata analysis by reviewing various charts such as Pie Charts, Bar Charts, and Line Charts. This lab is beneficial to students on the Data Analyst career path.

Quick Info

• Skills: Interpret metadata, analyze numerical charts, tables, and graphs, develop critical and analytical thinking, make informed conclusions • Time limit: 30 min • Skill Level: Intermediate • Work roles: Data Scientists, Data Analysts, Research Analyst, Lead Data Analyst, Associate data analyst, Data analyst specialist, Business Analyst, Financial Analyst.