Azure App Services


The Azure App Services Assessment from iMocha evaluates knowledge of Azure App Services. This exam will verify the knowledge of deploying applications using Azure App Services. A variety of topics may be covered, including application-related notifications, securing applications in Azure, and scheduling application resource allocation.

20 minutes
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This assessment is appropriate for intermediate students who have a working understanding of how to deploy applications using Azure App Services. Students who do not have experience deploying applications in Azure will have difficulty with the material. The results of this assessment will provide information about how well the student understands the effective deployment of applications using Azure App Services. The assessment has a 20 minutes time limit, and you will not be able to leave the testing window during the test. This assessment helps evaluate knowledge of cloud-based knowledge management technologies and concepts related to security governance, procurement, and administration, which is important for the Knowledge Manager, Technical Support Specialist, Program Manager, IT Project Manager, and Product Support Manager work roles. The assessment will also help evaluate knowledge of cloud service models and how those models can limit incident response. This is important for Cyber Defense Incident Responders. This lab assesses intermediate-level knowledge of Azure App Services. This assessment will require a solid understanding of Azure App Services to do well on.  

Quick Info

  • Skills: Effective use of Azure App Services
  • Time limit: 20 minutes
  • Skill level: Intermediate
  • Work Roles: Cyber Defense Incident Responder, IT Project Manager, Knowledge Manager, Product Support Manager, Program Manager, Technical Support Specialist