Database Administration

Learn the concepts and skills that are required to become a database administrator in today’s technologically advanced world. Cybrary's database administrator training courses will introduce you to numerous tools and techniques across a variety of platforms that will introduce you to SQL concepts and prepare you for work in database administration.

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Take database administrator training with Cybrary’s video courses and hands-on labs. In our collection of courses related to database administration (DBA), you will gain valuable knowledge in database fundamentals and work with tools like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Oracle. You’ll find comprehensive classes that prepare you for taking DBA certification exams, as well as tutorials explaining the tools commonly used by database administrators. Understanding databases and SQL concepts is essential for all IT professionals, whether you plan to work database administration or some other technology role.

What is Database Administration?

Generally speaking, database administration refers to all the activities that are performed by an administrator that ensure a database is always available as needed. The database administrator is the individual who manages, backs up, and makes available the data that is used by organizations through their IT systems. DBA is an essential function in any company that depends on the use of one or more databases.

What Does a Database Administrator Do?

There are various types of database administrators, so the specific roles can vary. However, the following are some of the common responsibilities you can expect as a database administrator of all types:

  • Installing and upgrading the database server
  • Installing and configuring applicable network components
  • Ensuring the consistency, integrity, and accessibility of the database
  • Providing reporting on database usage, availability, and performance
  • Responding and mitigating database performance and access issues
  • Creating models for new database development as well as changes to current ones
  • Monitoring database system details
  • Monitoring, optimizing, and allocating physical data storage for database systems
  • Implementing data encryption and database encryption
  • Planning and overseeing data migrations
  • Performing database security audits and testing
  • Remaining compliant with organizational best practices and policies, as well as external regulations

The role of the database administrator requires that you have certain soft skills, such as excellent troubleshooting skills, logical thinking, a good memory, common sense, and curiosity and a drive to learn new things. If these skills describe you, and you are interested in the above listed responsibilities, then a career in DBA may be a great fit for you.

Which Certifications Are Needed to Become a Database Administrator?

There are various professional certifications of varying levels of expertise that can help your database administrator career. For example, Oracle offers database and MySQL certifications at different levels, Microsoft offer SQL server certifications at entry, associate, and advanced levels, while IBM has an intermediate certification for UNIX, Linux, and Windows. Certification programs usually consist of several modules that end with a comprehensive exam.

Many companies prefer to hire IT professionals with computer science education, work experience, and certifications that demonstrate your proficiency in certain areas. Some will look for credentials in specific platforms that they use. If you are looking to move in the DBA field at your current employer, it’s a good idea to see what type of platform is already being used and start with database administrator training courses and certifications of that platform. If you are just starting out and will be looking for work after you earn some certifications, it’s a good idea to do some research before you enroll in training. Look at the available database administration jobs in your area to see which platforms are most often used. This will help you narrow down which certifications will help you most right away.

How to get online database administrator training

Learning DBA is a valuable skill for all IT professionals, whether they intend to become a database administrator or not, However, when you have the right aptitude, a goal of working with DBA, and the proper training, you will develop the tools that are needed to have a successful career in DBA. The overall need for IT professionals with DBA knowledge is huge. It’s a job field that full of DBA openings, and not enough qualified professionals to fill them. If you can establish yourself as a database administrator, you will likely find job security, an above-average salary, and in-demand.

Cybrary’s database administrator training courses, along with the rest of our extensive library, are presented online in a self-paced virtual classroom. Our instructors are experts in their subjects, so you know that you will be learning from experienced IT professionals who have their fingers on the pulse of the industry. To get started with data administration training courses, just choose the one you’re interested in starting below and then click on the Register button at the top of the course page.