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Video Transcription
Hello, everyone. I'm instructor Gerry Roberts, and this is Power Shell scripting.
In this video, we're gonna talk about which power shell tools you can use to work with. Power show
power Shell in the command line,
customizing the interface
and some tools for power shell scripting.
First, let's talk about power shell tools. In order to use Power shell, you have to use one of the tools. There are a couple main tools that are loaded into Windows Instances. The 1st 1 is Consul. There's an X 64 in the X 86 version, so there's a 32 bit of 64 bit version
when opening them
x 64 bit. It's usually listed as just power shell, and X 86 is usually listed as Power Shell X 86.
This is good for basic power shell usage.
You also have power shell I s C. I S C stands for integrated scripting environment and this is great for writing scripts, saving scripts and testing them.
Open the tools. There are a couple methods,
easiest way of locating and opening them.
I say use the window search future as you can see. Picture to the right
Typically, when you type in power show, you'll get a list that looks similar to this
and you'll see that you have the eye S E X 86
and you also have the regular one listing.
Best practice is to run an administrative mode. So when you go to open up our shell, I s C. You can either right click
or go administrator mode,
and that's the same for the consul's. So any time you try to open any of them, right click administrator mode or if you noticed in Windows 10 you also get this little option here in the apse pain that says Run as an administrator
for server, There's actually a special place you confined power shell tools.
If you go to server manager and you go to the tools menu, you can find them in there now. You could still search for them, just like you can in the client version of Windows. It just seems a lot quicker to go Tools and power show.
Now, if you're not using a tool and you want to use the command line instead, you can actually do that is very simple. So opening and closing power shell in the command line
for opening
you type in power show, and as you can see here, you'll get a prompt. This is power shell copyright information, and then you will get your listing here with P s in the front instead of just you're a regular propped closing power shell.
Very simple as well. Just have been exit, and you will go back to a normal command line product.
The other thing you could. D'oh!
As you can customize the interface for power show
now when you open up power shell,
you'll notice that is very basic on the man Prompted Still white on black in Power Shell, It's white on blue
eso. You'll want to change that in some cases, so it's easier for you to read or look at
to change it in the command line. Prompt. It's simple. Just right. Click the title baller Cheese properties. You'll see a little menu comes up
and then it pops up to this nice little box, for you can go and change a couple different things. If you go to the fought section right here,
you'll see that you can change font size type. All that good stuff if you want to change the color so it's a little bit easier to read. You can go to the colors tab and change those items. One thing you'll want to notice in the colors tab is that you have text for your screen and for pop ups
so you can change the background and the text on the normal screen, as well as any pop ups that might come up a za result of a command
in consul very similar to the command line. Prompt on how you're going to be able to make those changes
just right. Click of the top Goto properties and you'll see that you get a similar box with thoughts, colors and all that good stuff that you can d'oh again. And here fought changes, font size type. All that good stuff and colors will change the consul colors.
You have foreground and background just since you do in the command line, as well as pop up colors like you do in the command line
now, big difference with I S C or integrated script environment. There are a lot more options for customization,
so you could do font color and size if you got tools and options. You can change that in there.
You'll see
it's under colors and thoughts. There's also some other settings in general settings where you can change items like whether that intel a sense has turned on whether or not you can view line numbers when you're typing out and all that good stuff. Another thing in here that you don't get with others is a restored defaults where you can go back
to power Show I s C
defaults. This is something you can't really do in the console.
You could also change how the window is organized and what you want to show. You know, Consul Command line. You pretty much just have a box, and that's it. And I see you have a couple of different boxes with different things that you can move around.
So if you want to add things like, say, the script pain so you can write out your scripts,
you can go to view and then choose item you want to view.
Now the script pain can be viewed on the right or on the top. So that is something to remember, so you can move that around a little bit to make it easier to read.
You also have a command at on
that you can add to the right there. It's an adult that allows you to search for commands, which is super useful if you can't remember a whole command. But you remember part of it, you could start typing it, and I'll come up with a list of similar items to what you're typing.
Cem scripting tools that are available
scripting you can do with Power Shell. I s see there are a lot of people that do that
come and it's very useful. Very easy, even have little options for color coding and stuff like that. You can't even write your scripts in note pad and just write him out and save him as a dot ps one file. You can also use a tool called note pad plus plus
note. Pad plus plus allows you
to kind of work like you're in a power shall. I s see your visual studio environment where you can color code, all your commands.
You also have visual studio. You can do power shell scripting in visual studio and save it as a dot PS one and run it as a power shell script.
So are post assessment time here.
If you wanted to use a power shell tool that was good for scripting, which tool would you Years.
But you use the command propped. Would you use powershell x 86?
Would you use powershell I s C
for power shell X 64.
Now you can pause
if you'd like.
All right, so the answer is C Power Shell. I s E Parshall. I see you remember is integrated script environment. So it's designed for usage with scripts.
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