What is a Sock Puppet?

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Hello, everyone, welcome back in this lesson, which is dedicated on defining the sock puppet,
you will learn what a sock puppet is and where to start with creating a sock puppet off your own
to tell you what a sock puppet is. I would like to share on Oxford definition off it, which I think covers it best. A sock puppet is false online identity typically created by a person or group in order to promote their own opinions or views. For example, you create a fictional person with the linked in profile,
which looks legitimate, but that person does not really exist.
That profile could be used to connect with relevant people in your field off interest to get some information out of them or to simply redirect people's opinions about something in the other direction. But it is imperative it cannot be linked back to you.
One other thing is that a sucked up it takes time
to grow it and to make its digital life credible on social networks joined different groups, a comment, different events and posts. Actually, it's okay to have a few social profiles, for example, one Lincoln and one on Facebook with real history in pictures from different places and so on.
You probably encountered a month old profiles that started to comment and talk really convincing about something
that kind of profiles probably won't fool anyone but can still steer things up.
I also have to mention that since I made my first version off this ocean fundamentals course, where I have also talked about sock puppets more than a few potential sock puppets candidates contacted me on linked in a great example. Off a sock puppet is Robin Sage
Ah, fictional cyber threat analyst, which was presented at a black hat. Use A in 2010
under its title. Getting in bed with Robin Sage. I recommend to go through this case study where you will probably get the best overview off a sock puppet profile.
Many people fell for it. The profile had a few gaps but was overlooked by most. It got job offers, contacts, date requests and even Intel on operational security. As an interesting fact, her profile picture is from a *** site. You're probably wondering now, in this next bullet
why I put male female
as a male person or man. I have to say that female profiles have better success on connecting with people
because, in my opinion, the huge majority of men are likely to be more vulnerable to a direct approach from a pretty girl. You may be tried this on different chat platforms to pretend that you are someone else, and I will now mention a few tools and tips on creating your own sock puppet.
I didn't want to make a separate video out of it just because I think this will be enough for your further studies on the subject.
On Interesting Tool for Choosing a profile picture is the website. This person does not exist dot com The name sounds cool. It's a machine learning project that synthesizes artificial samples off images and produces artificial authentic images. I recommend for you to check it out.
An additional side note about this. Currently, some social networks can spot a fake profile pictures, so you are immediately bad.
They can even ask for video of you as the profile owner, but I think that is a big invasion of privacy. Next, use a burner email address if possible. Mawr and Mawr Online services are banning them because they want your really email address, but you can always try it. I use the free disposable email service
33 mail dot com,
but I would suggest to check a couple of them to see which one works for you best
next. I would like to mention location, and by that I mean on the I P, from which you will create that email account. Or you will do that. Sign up to, AH, Social service social network. I would recommend for you to not to use a VPN or other I p masking services while you do that,
because that is one of the reasons your account might get on their radar as a fake one.
Also use a clean browser without cash or any other taps where you are logged in. In the end, if you go into the sock puppet business, it is always better to have a few of them, because when you use one for some purpose, you probably won't be able to reuse it again.
Because remember, Internet is forever and all your activities leave a footprint.
Also, whatever you do, do not interact with any of your other accounts, contacts or peers. Your puppets should be stand alone identities in their own right. In this video we covered about a sock puppet is with a cool case study example and a few tips for creating your own.
And in the next video, we will touch on a few ways how to spot them,
so see you there.
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