Vulnerability Identification and Remediation Lab Overview

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10 hours 25 minutes
Video Transcription
everyone. Welcome back to the course, So welcome to your first lab on your own. I'm just gonna give you a high level overview of this lab. So in this particular lab, you're going to you be using a couple of tools, so you be using end map at the terminal command prompt there. And then you also using open Voss. So we talked about open Voss, and you've used it already
in this course in the previous lab.
So you should ask him decent practice with it. The other part of this lab is you're going to be working on a report as sort of the final part of this lap. So it's going to take you a little time. Probably go through this lab depending on your level of expertise. But that's okay. Just take your time. As always, I want to mention though, in these labs she wanted,
definitely make sure that you're checking these boxes
as you complete the lab. So these boxes on the right side here and the step by step guide there are instructions on the right side. But also there's a step by step guide for you in the resource is section of the course, so be sure to download that if you haven't already.
So again in this lab, you're just gonna be using and map and open Voss. And then you'd be doing some reporting as well. So you're going to kind of go through a full vulnerability scan and you got Ah, good amount of time this lab gives you about an hour and 1/2 on. They normally will let you refresh the time a little bit and get some extra time as you're going through it. So
very important, though. Just make sure you check those boxes. You get full credit for the lap.
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