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Video Transcription
Welcome back to end user VP in Security Course.
In this lesson, I will be talking about what can you find the on on the market that off VPN services and how to
choose them.
So, unfortunately, or fortunately, there are over 300 services well, every peon services available today. So 300 companies that offer VPN services, which you can pay them and then use VPN on that they were basis from your PC or a mobile phone or whatever.
Unfortunately, it's very multicolored landscape.
So the good thing about these, these many offering. So the market is that prices are going down. But the bad thing is that it is really a buyer Bebear situation
because there are differences in price, which is not not even the most important issue here, because these things can be more expensive than the others. But it doesn't necessarily mean that they are very expensive,
you know, if it's something for or $8 a month, it's not that much so it's a it's something that most of the people who need being can afford.
What is the problems are differences between VPN services in terms of safety and security, and privacy
because one of the things one of the reasons why you want to be pianist to have some kind of privacy on the when you're online
and sometimes you just get the illusion of it.
So when we come to privately see shoes, Um, there are two things,
which is what is what kind of data are they gathering? Because if you're going to use VPN to avoid somebody gathering, date down your, uh, let's say, browsing preferences. So because you don't want to be swamped with some kind of marketing offerings
on, then your VPN provider is actually gathering them. They time, then they are sharing it with somebody else. Usually somebody pays them for it.
Then you have a problem, because the main function of what you wanted to achieve isn't there more
from one of the ways to see what you're getting yourself into is to observe the policy to go to the site and see the policy. And if it's just something that can fit on one screen, then it's usually notebook.
There's these things when you, for example, if you're doing G banking and you look at the data privacy and security policy that your bank is giving its usually, I don't know, 10 or 20 screens long. Nobody's reading it,
but it means that somebody has placed a lot of effort and time into making sure that they are covered. And they are legally
clear. If somebody men just to put two data gathering or the sharing policy on one screen, that it means that they're not essentially providing in the privacy or
whatever. But even they have managed to put it on one page. Just read it in detail and see if if you're covered and go to multiple providers and see what kind of policies are they giving? The typical thing is that the
sometimes really cheap or even free services a VPN services
are essentially giving you that for the low cost or free, because they are making money somewhere else, which is on your
they did companies,
so which need them. So this is this is about privacy, and then we have a security,
and there are two things you should look. What kind of encryption are they using, which is usually to see what kind of protocol are they using? Sometimes thes information are not available,
so you should. My recommendation is to go online and find some,
like VP and service ranking sites, but also be there
because if if you see that there is an advertisement on that side from the same company, which they said out this is the best,
then you have a problem because that maybe that's companies on that side declared to be the best are among the best because they paid a lot of money for the advertisement. So they were there somehow connected.
And the findings off that thing are biased. So look for the sites in which people explain their methodology, what they were looking and how they what kind of way they used to rank we peons
and then listen to their advice is also look, if
there is a repeat kill switch, which is very important thing for security. So what happens? You connect to the Internet, you connect to VPN,
and for whatever reason, your VPN connection breaks.
Now, if you don't have a kill switch, you will be. You will continue to be connected to the Internet. But you might not notice that you don't have VPN anymore.
Repaying kills, which is a future that essentially disconnect you from the Internet the moment the VP ins broken down. So it's ah, it's about the client software that you installed, you see, which comes with every VPN service.
So if there is a European killed switch,
you're safe.
And the third thing you should look about his speed eso weepy and reduces ling speeds to a certain percent.
Um, you should look how much. Three only way to check it is again to go to the sights ranking VPN services
and then to see also try to see if you're using streaming. For example, if you're a gamer and you want toe stream, whatever you're doing, sometimes VP ends don't make it possible or, uh, it's,
you know, having too many jagged videos or streams because the link speed is not good enough.
And also, if you using torrents sief that VPN service allows you to store in. So these are things,
and finally thing you should check about
a VPN service provider is,
are they able to bypass government servers? If you're countries such that you need to go to Internet to go and Sarah, so can they bypass?
You will usually find that very simple. If it doesn't work, it doesn't work. So if if your governments ever has managed to block your
we'll be in connection than
simply the work. So it might be that you wasted one month off subscription and that's it.
So I'm not going to go into many details about Europeans versus censors censorship. It is this, um, very important topic for many people, regardless of where they live. But
these things can be really, really difficult to find if they're working or not. So
So I'm just saying that this is one of the things you should think about them just to check if this certain service simply works from your country. If you have governments ever some during everything.
Okay, so this is pretty much everything that I have toe talk about
the stopping canned, the end. Let me just ask you a question.
What is the future? You don't need to look at the when choosing VPN, is it? Subscription plan is it's speed or is privacy.
And according to what I recommend, the correct answer is subsection plan. So the way you're subscribing to weepy in service is not actually something that you should look first. So the speed, privacy, security
and the way to avoid senses Ship is the most important thing. That they're everything. Els
is not so important that the beginning sometimes at some point you might say OK, these guys are offering me better subscription plan may be cheaper, but then again you should check if that what is offered is actually what you get them if you're not losing something else,
OK, in this video, I was talking about things you have to look or you should look, when you're choosing your BP and service provide there.
And in next video, I will be talking about the general safety off we peons, which is also important issues. You're going to use it for personal use.
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